Jesse Joyner Juggling Newsletter #5
Jesse Joyner

In This Issue:
1. Video: Brand New "How to Juggle" Video (in HD!)
2. From the Blog: Gospel Juggling Routines for Beginners
3. Calendar: Where Will I Be Performing This Fall?
4. New Stuff: A (Very) Dangerous Trick
5. Family Update: Kezzie's Turning Two and Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University
6. Booking: Book Now for Fall School events, Christmas events, and Spring Upward events
7. Store: Order Juggling Balls, The Chinese Yo-Yo, and my Live Stage Show DVD - all from my online store!

Video: New 3-Ball Tutorial
My videographer Joey Schihl filmed and edited a new juggling instructional video that was requested by the Pajama Conference.  This is a video for beginners - with me teaching the basic 3-ball cascade.  Take a look and let me know what you think!  Click on the image or the following link:

From the Blog:

Along with the new instructional video, I wrote out some Gospel juggling routine ideas for beginners.  The three routines are "Why God Gave Us The Bible", "Don't Eat the Apple", and "Our Trinitarian God."  Click on the link below to see the description of how to do all three:

And here is a free puppet show that you can use in church.  You just need two puppets and it teaches the kids about transformation through Jesus Christ.

Where Will I Be Performing This Fall?
Most of my shows are free and open to the public (since they are sponsored by the hosts who book me).  So please come out and bring your family if you are near any of my shows this fall.  If you see an open time frame you'd like to book for yourself, contact Sue at For HIS Kidz at 1-866-774-7469.

Aug 22nd - First Baptist Church Roanoke, Roanoke, VA (was there yesterday - wonderful people!)
Aug 24th - Childhood Development Center at Wyndham, Glen Allen, VA
Aug 29th - Robinson Theater, Richmond, VA
Sept 8th - Private Event, Glen Allen, VA
Sept 9th - Commonwealth Chapel, Richmond, VA
Sept 22nd - King's Dominion, Hanover, VA
Oct 5th-7th - Blackhawk Ministries, Fort Wayne, IN
Oct 12th - Lake Center Bible Church, Portage, MI
Oct 14th - Commonwealth Chapel, Richmond, VA
Oct 26th - Lighthouse Christian Center, Puyallup, WA
Oct 28th - Faith Baptist Church Upward Soccer, Glen Burnie, MD
Oct 31st - Korean Central Presbyterian Church, Centreville, VA
Nov 3rd - Christian Jugglers' Association Convention, Goshen, IN (TBD)
Nov 6th - Chesterfield Towne Center Club Mom, Chesterfield, VA
Nov 11th - Nansemond River Church Upward, Suffolk, VA (TBD)
Nov 18th - First Covenant Church, Salina, KS
Nov 25th - Commonweath Chapel, Richmond, VA

New Stuff: A (Very) Dangerous Trick

It is with much delight that I am announcing that I am adding the mother of all juggling tricks to my show starting this Fall - the CHAINSAW!  I have juggled a chainsaw before, but the one I juggled in 2008 was not conducive to juggling for more than 5-6 catches (because it was so heavy and oddly shaped).  I have worked hard all month to find the right kind of chainsaw and then rig it with the proper hardware to be able to flip it in a juggling pattern.  I practiced in my backyard yesterday (yeah, I'm that neighbor) and was able to get about 10-12 catches pretty easily.  It it light enough and flips the right way, so I will be able to sustain it for a much longer juggle as I continue to work on it.  I probably won't be able to take it with me to shows that I fly to, since there are traces of oil on the chain (I don't want to be arrested by TSA).  So I can bring it with me to shows in driving distance.  If you book me this coming year, you need to specifically ask for the chainsaw if you want it in the act, since it requires certain space and safety parameters.

Another trick I'm working on adding to the show is juggling while idling on the giraffe unicycle.  Here is a video my newest unicycle friend Clay took of me while practicing at Brown's Island in Richmond, VA:

Family Update


  • Kezzie's Turning Two!  This Fall, Keziah Grace will turn two.  Every day is a new adventure with her.  She seems to add about 3-5 vocabulary words to her repetoire per day.  She loves to tinker at the piano, play hide and seek, and give lots of hugs and kisses.  I know these years will vanish in a blink, so Sarah and I are trying to cherish every moment and take lots of pictures and video.
  • Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  Also this Fall, Sarah and I will be class coordinators for our church's Financial Peace University (from Dave Ramsey).  We're really excited to be a part of this because Sarah and I have benefitted so much from following the Biblical financial advice that Dave lays out in his books and teachings.  The class is about bringing hope and freedom to people, no matter where they are in their financial journey.
  • Sarah continues to work part-time as a Counselor (LPC).  She spends the rest of her time raising Kezzie.  She is OK with me juggling a chainsaw.

Now is the best time to schedule for the upcoming school year.  People are already calling and booking for next Spring and Summer, so if you're considering bringing me in for a calendar date, book now before the date goes away.  Call Sue at For HIS Kidz at 1-866-774-7469.

Have you seen my online juggling store?  I have the products that I sell at camps and at my shows, such as juggling balls and Chinese Yo-Yos.  They are great prices and one of the only places out there where you can get my Live Show DVD.  Proceeds help to provide food and diapers for my toddler.  Click here to go there.

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