102. Start your empire * with emotional intelligence at work

Welcome to the emotional intelligence at work newsletter.  A change from the others, I hope. (Apologies for the higher than usual amount of self-promotion.)
* On this day in 27BC, Gaius Octavianus was granted the title Augustus by the Roman Senate, marking the beginning of the Roman Empire.  Well, it's one sort of new year's resolution.

— Happy new year, Jeremy Marchant

Making the best start
Why do many graduate and other recruits to businesses not have the employability skills they need, these days?

In 2015, I will be devoting a lot of my time to

This is a comprehensive ten day development programme, run one day a month, for graduate and other young recruits to the world of work. 
It combines people skills (personal development, interpersonal development, team work, leadership, management and so on) with problem solving, commercial understanding and financial awareness.
I am collaborating with Akonia, a London training company, on
GradStart.  The first programme kicks off at the end of February in Oxford.
>  More information on the Akonia site
>  Blog:  Employability: what stops it?

And do contact me to find out more.

The Valentine monologues
Once upon a time (actually last November) someone whispered in my ear that I might like to write a monologue.  Not realising it had to be about relationships, I agreed. 

You can hear the result—my first ever attempt to write for performance—at the Alma Theatre in Bristol on 13 and 14 February, performed by a Real Actor.  It’s part of a collaborative event with other, ahem, local writers.   Alan Bennett:  watch out!
.. and on that subject
The great Mary Coughlan sings the standards, I get along without you very well and Seduced [each c 3 min]

Fun and games in meetings
Comedy sketch illustrating how to hold a client briefing meeting (or not).  Very droll, though one might say (after George Bernard Shaw) that it is too true to be good.  [7:34]

(And here’s the smartypants answer to the client’s specification [1:08])

Does ice cream cause drowning?
As I never tire of pointing out, just because B follows A, it doesn’t mean B was caused by A. 
In this TED talk,
Ionica Smeets covers the danger of mixing up causality and correlation [5:57]

Fresh fish sold here daily
Much marketing and sales material is too wordy.  This (possibly) true story shows how—and what to do about it.
Quotations du jour
Coming together is a beginning. 
Keeping together is progress. 
Working together is success.

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.
Henry Ford, industrialist
Blog : Brandingis there a point?

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