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* Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin 
landed on the moon, in Eagle, on 21 July 1969

Jeremy Marchant
Facebook research on relationship development...
... done by tracking real posts between people before, while and after they were together.  Slightly unnerving.  There’s graphs and everything.
Being right or being happy?
Bruce Arroll and the other authors are GPs who see many patients who lead unnecessarily stressful lives by wanting to be right in their relationship rather than happy.  An interesting (brief) article on the British Medical Journal site reports a recent study comparing the effects of these two mind sets in couples.
EI query of the week:  
"I move job as soon as I no longer feel challenged—and it's happening again.
"I have been a personal/executive assistant for the last 20 years, moving firm every four or five years when I get used to the duties and no longer feel challenged."
Before you read Jeremy Bullmore’s
response, what would you advise someone in this position?

All contributions welcome. 
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The neuroscience of brain development
 In this fascinating, sobering and remarkably clear video, Allan Schore and others explain how the infant brain develops through the individual’s experiences, particularly those with its primary caregiver.

Personal development is dictated neither by nature nor by nurture, he says, but rather a third thing:  the complex, interactive relationship between the two. [13:09]
a related article, Joseph Burgo writes "what happens to you, emotionally and psychologically, during those first two years, and especially in the first nine months of life, will powerfully influence your neurological development, determining how your brain takes shape in lasting ways."
Song of the week
The incomparable Janet Baker sings Berlioz’ Absence in a recording from the seventies, I guess.  Text by Théophile Gautier:  "Return, return, my dearest love! / Like a flower far from the sun..." etc (you get the picture) [5:44]

For comparisonAnnie-Sofie von Otter is excellent.
Quotations of the day

Contact light.
Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin Jr. 1930- . American astronaut. First words spoken on the moon
Sir, more than kisses, letters mingle souls;
For, thus friends absent speak.

John Donne. 1572-1631. English poet
Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.
Alphonse de Lamartine. 1790-1869. French poet and politician
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