Sit! * for emotional intelligence at work

* 4 August is the feastday of St Sithney, somewhat improbably the patron saint of mad dogs.

Jeremy Marchant
Holiday reading:  do dogs have EI?
Plenty of people would like to think so.  Joey Turner has a go.  Personally, I am not sure how you could find out (at least not until we learn doggy language).
Are you human?
Dogs might fail this amusing—short—TED videoZe Frank asks some interesting questions to see if you’re human.  I like the way the important ones are dropped in between the humorous ones.  Bit like life, that   [4:29]
[That's more than enough of that doggy stuff!—Ed.]

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Stuff and things
Why are children so attached to their teddybear?  Are we, as adults, what we own?  Our attachment to stuff starts young, explains Christian Jarrett.
Music of the week
The startlingly good Sandee/van Nieukerken piano duo plays part of Steve Martland’s Dance works for two pianos.  It’s infectiously joyous music (no dogs I am afraid). I hope you appreciate the exhilaration and sweep of this music [4:40].
Quotations of the day
The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog.
Ambrose Bierce . 1842-1914 . American satirist and critic

Coach:  How’s life treating you Norm?
Norm:  Like I ran over its dog.
Glen and Les Charles, Cheers

Like the man who seizes a passing dog by the ears is he who meddles in a quarrel.
Proverbs 26:17
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