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August 2016
27 Cases of Suspected War Crimes in Gaza

0 Indictments
Two years have passed since Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip that killed 2,251 Palestinians – the vast majority civilians – including 299 women and 551 children, and destroyed 18,000 homes and other civilian structures.
From the outset of the war, Adalah and Al Mezan Center for Human Rights filed a series of complaints to the Israeli authorities demanding independent investigations and criminal prosecutions for suspected violations of international law committed by the Israeli military in Gaza. But two years on, there has not been a single indictment in the cases we filed – Israeli authorities are still investigating or have yet to even respond to 48 percent of our complaints.
As our cases show, Israel is unwilling to conduct genuine investigations into suspected war crimes or to hold perpetrators to account. In fact, Israel deliberately places numerous obstacles to investigations aimed at protecting its armed forces – thereby allowing impunity to prevail.

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