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First Issue October 2018


A big thank you for everyone who has participated in our little survey on our news-products last month! As a result and based on our own evaluations we have now decided to send this type of newsletter twice a month and to terminate our other news products instead. This way we hope to better meet the needs of our readers and to have more flexibility in showcasing the broad variety of news, activities, publications and events from our member institutes. In the meantime, we are busy preparing for our Directors' Meeting next week. Enjoy the read!
EADI Panel at Word Social Science Forum in Fukuoka
How can we build structures for co-creation and co-production of knowledges that involve all stakeholders - in North and South, research, practice, civil society? How can foundations be laid to ensure collaborative knowledge building? These were the questions discussed in our panel session at the recent World Social Science Forum in Fukuoka, Japan. The diversity of the presentations highlighted the many good and important initiatives that already exist and that are involving stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds and geographic and social origins - which left room for careful optimism. However, as one participant pinpointed: “We need to revisit established knowledge frames, and for that we need trust, inclusion and commitment.” There is much work still to be done. Read more
Research Communications Workshop, 15-16 November
In times of increasing information overload, communicating the right piece of research to the right people has become as important and multifaceted as doing the research itself. In our workshop "Getting the Message Right" we look forward to bringing together communication experts from EADI member institutes. We will exchange knowledge, experience and best practice in development research communication, and, last but not least, connect on a personal level. Read more
PEGNET Expert Meeting Bonn, 7 November

Social cash transfers can play an important role for human, economic and socio-political development. For long, they have been seen mainly as an instrument for poverty alleviation. Today, we know that they are also effective in preventing poverty and in tackling other, non-monetary dimensions of poverty, which in turn helps breaking the intergenerational transmission of poverty.
The Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNET), the Globel Development Institute (GDI) and EADI jointly invite to the expert meeting "Effects of social cash transfers on the different dimensions of poverty" to present evidence on and dicuss the different kinds of social cash transfers schemes on the multiple dimensions of poverty. Read more

Reminder:  Africa and the EU, Vienna, 11 October
Alongside the EADI Directors’ Meeting 2018 we cordially invite everyone who is around in Vienna by that day to our conference on the relationship between Africa and the EU. Representatives of the EU, the Austrian Government and European Development Research Organisations and Universities will be discussing the most important challgenges facing this relationship from different perspectives. The event is jointly organized with the Austrian Foundation for Development Research on the occasion of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2018. The full programme is now available here

"People caught in crisis – those living in conflict, and those who are displaced within their own countries or across borders – often fall through the cracks of different authorities’ responsibilities or are explicitly excluded by governments in their national and sectoral plans. Without the concerted efforts of the international community to address the needs of people caught in crisis we will not achieve the SDGs for all, and the gap between this marginalised group and the rest of the world will grow." In this study, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) examines country level progress against the SDGs and makes projections as to how much more effort will be needed to reach them by 2030. Read the study here

Forthcoming EADI Webinars

Global Justice in Education, 15 Oktober, 5pm
Can better knowledge, better arguments and better education be the one-fits-all educational response to the current global social and environmental crises? In our next webinar, Prof. Vanessa Andreotti will challenge this approach. Register here

"Reflections on democratization and gendered violence. Colonial histories and continuities", date to be confirmed
We are happy that Dr Lyn Ossome from the Makerere Institute of Social Research, Uganda, will join us for this webinar.  She is specialized in feminist political economy, land and agrarian studies and feminist political theory. Her current work deals with questions of social justice through a critical engagement with histories of women in politics.  Register here
Latest EADI Webinars Online
  • "Colonial Detoxification and In-Betweenness"  with Sayan Dey: watch here
  • "Civil Society, Citizenship and Development" with Tiina Kontinen, Marianne Millstein and  Kees Biekart watch here
  • "Frugal Innovation and Development", with Peter Knorringa watch here
  • "Discursive synergies across Buen Vivir, Degrowth and Human Development" with Ana E. Carballo watch here
See all EADI webinars
Open Letter to the EU: Scientists Take Position
238 academics, among them directors of EADI member institutes such as The Institute of Development Stjudies (IDS) or the Transnational Institute, as well as affiliates to other EADI members, have called on the EU to replace the political goal of economic growth with that of human and ecological wellbeing. The "aggressive pursuit of growth at all costs divides society, creates economic instability, and undermines democracy", they write. In addition to their outspoken criticism of the current situation, they have agreed on a bunch of concrete policy proposals. Read the full letter here
Toolbox for multi-stakeholder climate partnerships. A policy framework to stimulate bottom-up climate actions
On behalf of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the German Development Institute (DIE) has carried out a study providing policy suggestions on bottom-up climate action in the European Union. It draws its recommendations from a unique analysis which maps existing European-led multi-stakeholder initiatives that address climate change and identifies needs and challenges experienced by a range of stakeholders. Read the Study here
Partnering for Democracy: Protecting the Democratic Order in Post-Brexit Europe
The democratic partnership between the EU and the United Kingdom might become the seed of a powerful tool of democracy protection in Europe, thus contributing to the stability of the continent. "The main purpose of this Working Paper is to influence the Brexit debate by putting the focus on an aspect which is often forgotten but nonetheless of the outmost importance: the protection and promotion of democracy in Europe." Read the paper here
Featured EADI Member

The Agence Française de Développement is France’s inclusive public development bank. It commits financing and technical assistance to projects that genuinely improve everyday life, both in developing and emerging countries and in the French overseas provinces. In keeping with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, AFD works in many sectors — energy, healthcare, biodiversity, water, digital technology, professional training, among others. Through a network of 85 field offices, we currently finance,monitor, and assist more than 2,500 development projects in 108 countries.

AFD has recently adopted a new Group strategy, emphasizing that all countries – Northern and Southern – need to transition toward smaller ecological footprints and higher human development indices in addition to to defining new development models. This goes along with a 100% commitment to the Paris Agreement and focus on social cohesion. The full strategy is available here

Learn more about EADI Members
News Picks from Premium Members
Congratulations! This October is the first anniversary of BLISS, the International Institute of Social Studies' (ISS) blog on Global Development and Social Justice. In its first year, the blog had over 60 posts on themes such as economic diplomacy, humanitarian aid, women's rights, epistemic diversity, deglobalisation, the orphan industrial complex, populism and much more. Have a look and explore

Animation on authoriarian practices: Authoritarian practices that seriously threaten the freedom of citizens have become an everyday topic. The violence against journalists for instance, that has taken place in recent years within countries that are formally democracies, such as India and Mexico. Researchers from the project 'Authoritarianism in a Global Age' at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) highlight new insight into authoritarian practices in a catchy animation.  View the animation

The European Journal of Development Research (EJDR)
EJDR is recruiting three new co-editors. If you are a research-active scholar based in the global North or South with extensive experience of publishing, editing and reviewing for high-ranking academic journals, EJDR looks forward to your application. Read more

The September issue is out, this time without any open-access articles. If you are not an EAD member and would like to read them, a membership will do the trick. A few of the new articles are listed below:
  • Is Rapid Urbanisation Exacerbating Wealth-Related Urban Inequalities in Child Nutritional Status? Evidence from Least Developed Countries
  • Beyond Solidarity and Accumulation Networks in Urban Informal African Economies
  • Risky Business? Rural Entrepreneurship in Subsistence Markets: Evidence from Burundi
  • Local Innovation Networking Dynamics: Evidence from South Africa
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Featured Publications
What Impact Are NGOs Having on the Wider Development of Climate Services?
2018/09 – Overseas Development Institute (ODI); research paper; Author(s): Amy Kirbyshire and Emily Wilkinson

Cooperative Climate Action: Global Performance & Delivery in the Global South - Preliminary Findings of the ClimateSouth Project for the Global Climate Action Summit (Research Report)
2018/09 – German Development Institute, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE); research paper; Author(s): Sander Chan

Financing the End of Extreme Poverty
2018/09 – Overseas Development Institute (ODI); research paper; Author(s): Marcus Manuel, Harsh Desai, Emma Samman and Martin Evans

Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2018: The Most Detailed Picture to Date of the World’s Poorest People
2018/09 – Oxford Department of International Development (ODID); Report

An Agro-Ecological Europe: A Desirable, Credible Option to Address Food and Environmental Challenges
2018/09 – Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI); Issue Brief No.10/2018; Author(s): Xavier Poux, Pierre-Marie Aubert

Digitalization and Development Cooperation: An Assessment of the Debate and Its Implications for Policy
2018/09 – Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE); research paper; Author(s): Veronika Heimerl, Werner Raza
Supporting Peacebuilding in Times of Change
2018/09 – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM); research paper; Author(s): Andrew Sherriff et al.

Uncovering ‘Community’: Challenging an Elusive Concept in Development and Disaster Related Work
2018/08 – Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton; Societies 2018, 8(3), 71; Author(s): Alexandra Titz,Terry Cannon, Fred Krueger

Socio-Economic Development in South Asia
2018/09 – United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER); WIDER Working Paper 105/2018; Author(s): S. R. Osmani

Central African Republic. A Conflict Mapping
2018/09 – Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS); Report; Author(s): Peer Schouten

Advancing the Impossible? Progress of the Joint African, European and International Response to the Migration Crisis in Libya
2018/09 – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM); research paper; Author(s): Tasnim Abderrahim

India’s Stranded Assets: How Government Interventions Are Propping Up Coal Power
2018/09 – Overseas Development Institute (ODI); research paper; Author(s): Leah Worrall et al.
Read the latest publications from our members!
Opinion: Gender Equality, Food Security and the Sustainable Development Goal
2018/09 – Global Development Institute (GDI); Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability; Author(s): Bina Agarwal

Blog: Non-State Actors to the Assistance of Climate Action
2018/09 – Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI); blog post; Author(s): David Levai

Blog: Crisis After Crisis: Why Financial Sector Reform Is Not Enough - Longreads
2018/09 – Transnational Institute (TNI); Walden Bello

Blog: Ecofeminism: Fueling the Journey to Energy Democracy
2018/09 – Transnational Institute (TNI);

Blog: 7 Reasons Why Development Aid Is Crucial for the Environment
2018/09 – Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Blog: Disposable People: One. Mali
2018/09 – African Studies Centre (ASC); blog post; Author(s): Mirjam de Bruijn

Blog: Power That Changes Lives: Three Lessons From a Rural Energy Champion
2018/09 – International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED);
Migration and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 2018/09 – Overseas Development Institute (ODI); research paper; Author(s): Marta Foresti and Jessica Hagen-Zanker

Skills for Decent Work, Life and Sustainable Development - Vocational Education and the Sustainable Development Goals
2018/09 – Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE); Briefing Paper 18; Author(s): Simon McGrath et al.

Financing the End of Extreme Poverty
2018/09 – Overseas Development Institute (ODI); research paper; Author(s): Marcus Manuel, Harsh Desai, Emma Samman and Martin Evans

More member activities related to the SDGs
Innovation in Development: the future of EU international Cooperation
Brussels, 17 October, Overseas Development Institute, ECDPM

The Political Origins of Health Inequities and Universal Health Coverage
Oslo /Streamed Online, 1-2 November 2018, UiO Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM)

International Conference on Blended Development Finance and the New Industrial Policy
Geneva, 8-9 November 2018, The Graduate Institute

Africa’s rising debt
London / Streamed Online, 5-6 November, Overseas Development Institute

Transforming for Sustainability
Copenhagen, 28-29 November, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University

The 16th Development & Climate Days at COP24
Katowice, Poland, 8-9 December, International Instltute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Call for Papers: Gendered Institutions and Women’s Political Representation in Africa, Uppsala, Sweden, 12-13 December 2108 2018/09 – Nordic Africa Institute (NAI); Deadline: 15 October

Call for Proposals: Call for Local Panels and Roundtables for European Conference on Politics & Gender (ECPG), 4-6 July 2019 2018/06 – Deadline: 15 November 2018

Call for Papers: II International Congress “Portugal-China Intercultural Dialogues”
2018/08 – Centro de Estudos sobre Africa e do Desenvolvimento (CeSA); Deadline: 31 December 2018

More calls on the EADI Website
Two Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Japan in all Fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology
2018/09 – Research Council of Norway (RCN); Deadline: 10 October 2018, 13:00 CEST

Postdoctoral Fellowship(s) at the Centre for Development and the Environment, Oslo
University of Oslo; Deadline: 15 October

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID); Deadline: 15 October 2018

Director of the Institute
2018/09 – Graduate Institute, Geneva, Deadline: 21 October

Professor and Associate Professor in Marketing
Copenhagen Business School, Deadline: 1 November 2018

Professor/Reader in Development Economics
2018/09 – Global Development Institute (GDI) Deadline: 30 November
More jobs on the EADI Website
Make Positive Social Change Happen - Online Course starting 15 October
Development Policy and Practice, the Open University (DPP); Author(s): FutureLearn

MOOC: Les Transitions Énergétique-Écologiques Dans Les Pays Du Sud, 15 October - 30 November
Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Short Course- Evaluation for Development Programmes, 12-16 November
Development Studies Association of the UK and Ireland (DSA)

Engaging Evidence and Policy for Social Change, 15-17 January 2019
Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton

More Trainings & Courses
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