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I hope you are singing and speaking in ways that feel good to you.  I had a wonderful time in the Catskills, NYC and in CT for business school.  I went to Lincoln Center with my friend Marian for Midsummer Night Swing to hear the Catherine Russell Septet and dance under the lights!  See a cool video of an amazing couple dancing.

Enjoy! Blessings, Laurece 
The Artful Voice: Sore Throat Remedy
The Artful Voice: Sore Throat Remedy
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Hi, this is Laurece West from, the creator of The Artful Voice, a method that helps you find your unique voice and to sing or speak with ease and confidence. Today, I'm going to talk to you about a sore throat remedy. First of all, what causes a sore throat? It's a bacteria or virus that you've inhaled at some point, could be recently, there could have been a lot of people around you that were sick, or maybe you took an airline flight and you're breathing all the air of everybody else. You've been in a crowd perhaps, or else you've inhaled it at some other time. It was in your system, but at this point, your immune system has gotten a little bit knocked down due to stress or not getting enough sleep, eating well, getting good hydration, or exercise. So, the soreness is caused by your immune system's reaction to these invaders. The macrophages (and neutrophils) in your immune system are are white blood cells that eat bacteria and viruses and they're trying to take care of it, and they then die creating (colored) mucus, those white blood cells.
So anyway, we want to get all of that out of there, want to get the bacteria virus out of there and clear out any mucus that's there. You can use salt water in a pinch, so to speak, if you have nothing else. As you know, we can't drink saltwater. It'll make us sick, so it dehydrates the bacteria or virus and kills it. But the problem is, it also dehydrates your throat, and we really function best with a lot of humidity. That's why we sing so well in the shower. There's a lot of humidity. The lungs like the humidity. Remember going out in the cold and you can see the humidity when you exhale -the little fog? So, we really want to be well hydrated. Again it will kill the germs. If you do gargle with saltwater, do gargle again with regular water to get the rest of the salt out. But that's not what I'm here to recommend.
Get some Apple cider vinegar, hopefully from the health food store, will have some sediment in it, which contains vitamins and minerals. Braggs is the brand that I use but if you have to go to a regular store you can get Heinz or another brand that's clear. It'll work, I just don't think it's quite as good. You put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of lukewarm water and gargle with that, one sip at a time, gargle, spit it out.
It's amazing! For me, it kills the, the germs. It kills the pain, right away, just knocks it out. I love it. You may have to do it again, because bacteria replicate every 20 minutes. You may not get every last little bit, but usually that'll just cure ya! Rest, take some vitamins, look at what's caused you to get sick so you can learn from it, or change some things in your life. Call me if you want any lessons and if you are looking at this on YouTube, go to to sign up for free information, the weekly e-zine, and sing and speak with your heart.
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