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We diving deeper this week into storytelling.
Telling your listeners about your life is satisfying for you and when told well, it is really enjoyable for others. This is an essential skill for singers and speakers. A moving story or song will engage the audience and give them an experience that they remember..

I help both singers and speakers loosen up their word flow, gain the skill to speak intelligently spot and tell about their life. We do this in a short exercise at the beginning of every session. They love talking about their life and I enjoy listening.
I then meet the intention/goals of each client for that session. We could be strengthening their voice, improving their sound, working on speaking content or songs, developing performance skills, finding confidence, building their mindset stay the course in training when things get tough (inner and outer challenges at each new level), and creating the energy to uplift their listeners..

It sounds exciting, right? It is. Being at peak performance and expressing yourself freely inspires people. Want to know more?
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Laurece West Studios.
Voice and Performance skills, strategy and mindset.
Stand out, express your unique genius and deeply connect.

The Power of Storytelling - Getting Vulnerable

Build your powerful voice! (Guaranteed if you follow coaching advice)

Sing with Ease, Power and Grace Starts July 7!

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Sing with Ease, Power & Grace! 

Here's Laurece big beautiful voice (so you see what is possible when you train!):

White Christmas
Love Revolution 

Friday Night InterPlay Jam! 7:00 - 8:30 pm ET   

This is great to learn and practice storytelling skills....essential for becoming memorable!  
We'll warm up and do several InterPlay forms using storytelling, movement, and sound. Then we'll do group and single performance forms, both organized and spontaneously initiated. Kids and beginners welcome! We'll appreciate each other and laugh together. You'll have a chance to creatively express while perhaps learning something about yourself and others. links and more information

"I came to a point in my life where I felt lost and confused about many things.  I feared I was losing my identity amongst other things. I could not see my inner beauty and I felt my voice was a problem and was somehow holding me back. I knew I was wandering and needed some kind of structure, guidance  to regain control of my life, to have a sense of identity. I needed help to refocus, build sustainable confidence and reconnect with myself to experience the joy  and beauty of every day.
     Working with Laurece has helped me not only understand who I am but accept it as a blessing. She has taught me skills to deal with stress, failures or disappointments, to celebrate victories no matter how small. She taught me that those things that I believed limit me make me unique. She helped me find my voice again especially in public speaking. My body language no longer speaks defeat, my confidence has improved. With her help, I can speak out publicly and more confidently. I am learning to relax, be thankful, celebrate and be uniquely me.
     Working with Laurece has been life changing.  She listened calmly to me to understand my challenges. She gently encouraged me to practice my exercises, view circumstances differently and just generally try new things. Thank you Laurece, my life is exciting again and the sky is the limit for me now!


Vivian, Mortgage Officer, Morrisville NC

"My name is Whitney Anthony and I'm a performing/recording artist from Raleigh, NC. I began working with Laurece last year and my whole perspective has been changed! Laurece is a gentle, strong soul who has helped me not only with my voice but also with myself as a whole. Her positivity is contagious. Each time I leave her studio, I feel more relaxed and at ease. I have also seen tremendous growth with my voice and learned countless new tactics to help in my performance. She certainly has a unique approach to singing and I'd recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in a rut with their voice or unsatisfied with their performance level. Laurece has a special way of bringing the best out of you and making you feel confident about the voice with which you have been gifted. She is extremely professional, timely, organized, and dependable. It has been an absolute joy working with her. Thank you Laurece!!"
Train virtually! We meet over Zoom video conferencing - which will give you a video and audio of the session so you'll see your progress each week. Communicate, speak and sing with more power and confidence than you ever believed possible! Schedule a complementary Discovery Session
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