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The Artful Voice: Deep Listening - Becoming Fully Present.

Hi Everyone, 

This is Voice and Peak Performance Coach, Laurece West. I'm also a business consultant. 

Today we're going to talk more about Deep Listening - the benefits to you and other people. 

This is important in business because you want your prospects, clients, colleagues, supervisors, and people you manage, to really feel that you are with them. One of the ways we can do this is through Deep Listening. 

This is a practice that takes time to get perfected or into an area of excellence. Usually what we're doing is being focused on what we need to say, what our point is, what our response is. 

We want to get you so comfortable with your content, with your word flow, with your storytelling that you do not have to be planning it, that you have the ability to speak intelligently on the spot. This is what we do is the training program I offer called Business Speaking, Storytelling and Strategic Communication

For singers this is important also because we want to improve our listening skills for music but also with people, for interviews connecting with fans, etc.
For everyone this will deepen your relationships and help people realize that you deeply care for them.

What I want you to do is to practice deep listening as a way to become fully present. 
This allows you to actually have more access to your brain you're not planning anything you're not scheming anything, you're not in your fear - anything that's taking you out of peak performance with your brain.

You are just breathing and present with them. That presence is really felt. The person feels listened to and understood.

Just keep breathing. Keep listening. Allow yourself to be in the moment, taking things in moment by moment. If you're not used to being in the moment, this can be challenging at first!

Just keep breathing. Go back to noticing your breathing if you’re back up in your head. When we are noticing our breathing is easy to stay present. 

Coincidentally this week, I ended up listening to Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama. They both spoke about presencing. Particularly Thich Nhat Hanh in a Super Soul Sunday with Oprah spoke about really deeply listening for compassion.

People will love it and you will enjoy being in the present moment. 

Until next time, sing and speak with your heart.
Let me know your experiences!
Take good care.
I am an expert at helping people release their mental and emotional challenges around speaking and visibility. There are many other skill sets I can offer you, according to your interests. If this sounds exciting or hopeful, let's talk. Schedule a Strategy Conversation.
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