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It's been an intense week. I hope you are rejuventating and enjoying your weekend.

Today we'll begin a series on the secrets to emotionally connecting with and moving your listeners.

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The Artful Voice: If You Feel It, So Will They!
It's your time. You are speaking or singing and everyone is giving you their undivided attention. Whether it is 5 people, 50, 500, or thousands of listeners - they have shown up and given you their precious time, attention and money (or they will - after a successful job interview and negotiation, talk to ideal clients, or concert with fans who purchase your music and join your Patreon.) The pressure is on to deliver something worthwhile and memorable. There is a lot of competition but we're up to it - sharing our unique genius, personality and talents. We over-deliver, giving more than is expected, so bosses, management, clients, collegues, listeners, audiences and fans are extrememly satsified from spending time with us.

In order for us to focus on delivery excellence that creates a powerful impact, we need to be comfortable and confident in our abilities. There can be no doubt of our singing or speaking skills, they need to become second nature, because all attention has to be on the listeners. This is the first aspect of training, which can take a while since we are undoing years' old habits and training the mind and body, but there is noticeable improvement weekly. We are addressing sound, look and presentation to perform powerfully. These skills are essential so we can move into the advanced performance skills of owning the space and creating an impactful audience or listener experience.

We also do mindset work to release all nervousness, doubts, negativity - anything that lowers personal energy and makes people lose attention. We program ourselves for success so we allow ourselves to be more visible and energized so more people are attracted to us. We get clear on the big "Why?" Who are we here to serve? (The side benefit is that for business growth or business communication clients - finances dramatically increase. If they follow all coaching advice I guarantee more than the return on investment!)

How do you excite, move, thrill, educate, inspire and motivate your audience? 
We'll be discussing several aspects of these advanced performance skills over the next few weeks.

Today we'll talk about getting so authentically passionate that your feelings ripple through the crowd. It is the most wonderful experience to have this postive effect on people.

To build a powerful performance that touches people emotionally we have to:
1. Choose or create material (topics, songs, talks) that thrill us.
2. Know exactly what excites US about what we a talking or singing about.
3.Remember that passion in performance or during a presentation.
4. Present from our heart, gut, body, and energy - not just our head.
5. Be vulnerable enough (learn how to create safety) to open ourselves to feel deeply and passionately - then express that energy to our listeners!

When you feel it, so will they....

Watch the magic happen!

When I feel chills and excitement singing, people have told me the hair stood up on their arms. When I deeply feel a song several people have told me they cried. When I am singing and speaking from my heart,  a few people tell me they felt the love. When I am super passionate or joyful when speaking, people feel and reflect it.

(I think I get just the right amount of feedback - so my ego doesn't go crazy and take over. Just enough so I know I am on track and that people were touched and postively affected by listening to me.)

Wow! To know you are having a delighful or memorable impact is very satisfying!

To reflect...
When have you been moved by a great singer or speaker? Have you given your listeners a powerful experience? How did you know? Would you like to do it more or learn how?
I'd love to hear your experiences. Email me:

Voice Coach and Business Consultant Laurece West helps businesses and professionals create systems, strategy and innovation they love, as well as dynamic speaking, storytelling and communication skills. She helps people feel comfortable and powerful as they share their unique genius and deeply connect with people, expanding their business and audience. The results for her clients are increased income, impact, and satisfaction. 

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