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Vol. 3, No. 5, May 2022

BREW Meetup

Thursday, May 26

Tusculum Brewing Company
236 Main St, Boerne, TX 78006

*We meet OUTSIDE in the Beer Garden
Very excited to learn from our speakers 

Alejandra and Greg Martinez 
as they share:

"How Networking/Relationship Building Has Helped Us Throughout Our Real Estate Journey"
Alejandra and Greg credit building relationships as a key factor in their successful real estate journey.

Networking has given them the opportunity to diversify their investing and undertake a variety of projects including multi-family, wholesaling, wholetailing, short-term rentals, and new construction!

I always enjoy talking with Alejandra and Greg at each BREW meetup as they are willing to share information about their latest real estate endeavor and it seems they are always undertaking a new and exciting project!

I'm very much looking foward to learning how they leveraged their network to learn, invest, and connect in their real estate journey.
Thank you for investing your time to attend our April meetup!

Many thanks to Tony Severance for sharing his knowledge on Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loans and other investor-centric products!

In response to a question asked at the meeting, Tony asked me to share that he is now able to help on DSCR financing on up to 30 units. For any follow-up questions be sure to contact him at Hurst Lending 512-694-0991 or 
Profile of a BREW Investor
Benjamin & Timea Parker

What inspired you to become interested in real estate investing?

Our consulting firm has allowed Timea to work as a controller for a turn key investment property on the asset management side, as well as work with other real estate investment clients including; contractors both in commercial and residential, and also mobile park investors.  Ben enjoys woodworking and doing rehabs as his schedule allows.  He has an eye for detail in homes and finds deals in desirable areas.

Tell us about one of your favorite real estate transactions.

We are fans of the bigger pockets podcast and on one episode it mentioned always consider owner financing if it becomes available.  We found a hill country property that offered owner financing.  This allowed us to use extra available cash to rehab the property.  Later we refinanced and overall it was a great experience.  Our current focus is to rent and hold properties and we try to do little things for our renters that may promote long term renter/landlord relationships.  These things include restaurant gift cards at Christmas and for our hill country property we give a bird feeder to the new renters.  So far it has been our experience that these small acts in return open doors for good communication and the renters take great care of the property.  This may not always be the case, but it has been a positive.

Do you have any real estate mantras, rules, or words of wisdom you try to follow in your investing?

"Begin with the end in mind" and "know your why".  For us, the reason we have begun to invest in real estate is so that we have more freedom in our lives.  It will allow us to spend more time as a family, especially while our kids are younger and long term invest in causes that are important to us.

Please share a favorite business or real estate-related resource.

Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss

What do you like to do during your "off" time?

We are raising 4 boys, Timea homeschools the boys and Ben works as a woodshop and STEM teacher at Boerne Middle School North.  We are not sure what "off time" looks like, but we do make space to go to the mountains and ski as often as possible.  A favorite ski pass we try to get is the Mountain Collective.  If you hit 2 ski resorts it usually will pay for itself.  Our families goal is to ski all of the resorts on the Mountain collective.

What else would you like your fellow meetup members to know about you?

Our consulting firm is called PAS Consulting it provides CFO, Controller, Accounting and Bookkeeping services.

What is the best way for someone to get in contact with you?

benaparker@gmail or
Book for this Month's Raffle:
Books I read in May
The Wealthy Gardener: Lessons on Prosperity Between Father and Son by John Soforic.  This book is now a mandatory read/listen for all memebers in our household! Really great lessons on prosperity and wealth mindset told in story format that manages to come across as practical inspring advice (not the typical cheesey story lecture!). Normally I prefer to read vs listen to a book, but I can't reccomend the audio version enough, something about the narrator's voice adds a layer of depth to the lessons that really draws you in. This book made it to my, super special if there was a fire in the house, I would save these books shelf!  10 out of 5 cheers! 
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We look forward to learning, investing, and connecting with YOU at the next BREW meetup!  
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The BREW meetup is a casual no-pitch group with the purpose of learning and networking with other local investors. We talk about all types of real estate investing as well as pursuing financial independence. Our typical meetup format is networking, listening & learning from a speaker, and ending with a related book raffle!

Ingredients to BREW:
-We  like to talk about all types of real estate investing, pursuing financial independence, meeting new people, and enjoy a great craft beer
-No-pitch group
-Family-friendly: Our 13 & 9-year-old will frequently be attending & look forward to making friends
-No cost to attend 
(but please plan to purchase a beverage and/or food!)

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