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Vol. 3, No. 9, September 2022

Next BREW Meetup

Thursday, September 29

Tusculum Brewing Company
236 Main St, Boerne, TX 78006

*We meet OUTSIDE in the Back Beer Garden
Speakers Josh & Rachel Watson
Our Investing Journey

After beginning their investing journey in 2016 with passive investments, in March of 2020 Josh & Rachel decided to acquire rental properties and quickly found a niche in offering medium-term rental housing to military families. Currently they own and manage 1 long-term rental and 3 medium-term rentals in the San Antonio area. 

From physically knocking on doors to find deals (Rachel!), furnishing a 2700 sq ft house for under $5,000, and still working a demanding schedule as a medical doctor (Josh!), this is sure to be a great discussion.

Bring your questions and plan to learn, invest, and connect!
Josh grew up in Raleigh, NC and graduated in 2005 from UNC with a degree in economics. He met Rachel in 2006 and they were married in 2008 before starting medical school in Florida in 2009. He did his residency in Emergency Medicine in York, PA before moving to San Antonio.

Rachel was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After completing high school, she went to school for engineering, but came to the US in 2006 prior to her senior year to learn English, where she met Josh.

"We both always wanted to invest in RE but without much knowledge in the subject, we kept on waiting until the right time. In 2016 when we moved to Texas Josh started looking into passive investments, where we joined a few syndications. In 2019 we decided to acquire our first single family rental. After months of research, we closed on our first property in March 2020!"
Thank you for investing your time to attend the August meetup!

We had fun sharing our story, investing journey, and the new investments we are making now!
Book for this Month's Raffle:
It's no coincidence our speaker is also a medical Doctor :)
Profile of a BREW Investor

Mike and Cyndi Dufresne

What inspired you to become interested in real estate investing?

Several things inspired us:

1. The thought of an investment that pays for itself and is backed by something tangible vs. "gambling" in the stock market.  

2. The book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

3. (Most influential) Will and Veronica Pritchett.  Old friends that were sharing their journey of acquiring SFR properties.  Their positivity and motivation helped us get our 1st deal under our belt.

Tell us about one of your favorite real estate transaction.

Our 1st deal was a typical BRRRR.  There were a lot of moving pieces that needed to fit together to make it all happen in a timely manner.  It was a home that was about to be foreclosed on and was paused with a Temporary Restraining Order.  We funded 100% of the purchase and rehab with HELOC money.  City permits and inspectors, new electric service and total re-wire, new HVAC, new sewer line, plus all the cosmetics were needed to make the whole house "new" again.  We got the property rented quickly and then did a cash-out refi.  None of it would have gone as smoothly as it did without the advice of friends and other investors.  We learned so many different things from this project. 

Do you have any real estate mantras, rules, or words of wisdom you try to follow in your investing?

Find the good in every situation and keep a positive mindset.

Please share a favorite business or real estate-related resource.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Coach Carson podcast


What do you like to do during your "off" time?

Mike: Hunting, fishing, and family adventures 

Cyndi: Traveling, hunting, eating good food :) and spending time with my family

What else would you like your fellow meetup members to know about you?

Mike is a firefighter in San Antonio.  Cyndi is a Preschool teacher in Boerne.  We have two beautiful kids, Hannah is in 10th grade and Gage is in 7th.

We are about to start building a new home and as soon as that is complete we will focus on acquiring more rental properties.

What is the best way for someone to get in contact with you?

Call or text Mike 210-601-8732 Cyndi 210-260-0457

Other thoughts?!

Current market, where it's heading, and ways to adapt to change...

Not that we are there yet, but, we need to ask some of the older investors what strategies worked and what didn't during the '80s when interest rates where high.
Books Recently Read
The 2-Hour Cocktail Party: How to Build Big Relationships with Small Gatherings by Nick Gray  I chose this book after hearing the author interviewed on All the Hack$ podcast. If you need direction organizing a small party you will definitely find value in this book! What were my takeaways? I was reassured that name tags at BREW are a "must", that the group ice breaker introductions we do are super valuable for networking, and that I need to give a 10 minute last call before the night ends. Solid book if you are new to hosting gatherings. 3 out of 5 cheers! 
Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor's Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life by Jordan Grumet, MD  Really great book that guides the reader through creating a financial framework and evaluating what matters in life. I really enjoyed the end of chapter "to-do lists" that walks you through exploring your life's purpose and then how to use money as a tool to fulfill that purpose. This well thought out book takes heavy material and makes it easy to read but with lovely real life stories to illustrate each point. Easily 5 out of 5 cheers! 
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We look forward to learning, investing, and connecting with YOU at the next BREW meetup!  
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The BREW meetup is a casual no-pitch group with the purpose of learning and networking with other local investors. We talk about all types of real estate investing as well as pursuing financial independence. Our typical meetup format is networking, listening & learning from a speaker, and ending with a related book raffle!

Ingredients to BREW:
-We  like to talk about all types of real estate investing, pursuing financial independence, meeting new people, and enjoy a great craft beer
-No-pitch group
-Family-friendly: Our 13 & 10-year-old will frequently be attending & look forward to making friends
-No cost to attend 
(but please plan to purchase a beverage and/or food!)

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