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Vol. 2, No. 11, November 2021

BREW Meetup


Thursday, September 18

Tusculum Brewing Company
236 Main St, Boerne, TX 78006

Excited to announce Betty Cruz will be our speaker for November!

Thankfulness, Kindness & 
The Ability to Give Back with Real Estate Investing
Get to Know Betty:
  • Betty has lived in San Antonio for nearly 25 years and loves investing in her hometown.
  • She currently owns/manages several rental units, including six Airbnb units.
  • Betty partners as a lender and investor in several real estate projects in San Antonio.
  • She is the co-founder of RealTea Talks, a women's group of active real estate investors that meets monthly, oftentimes at group members' projects. 
Top reasons Betty immediately came to mind as a great speaker on the topic of Thankfulness, Kindness, and Giving Back:
  • Her portfolio of 'StayKind' Airbnbs encourages guests to participate in good deeds. Betty highlights right in the description of the properties the opportunity to participate in a "Kindness Streak"! 
  • Donates a portion of each guest's stay to Loaves and Fishes, a local food and toiletry distribution in San Antonio
  • Betty has renovated several run-down properties including single-family homes and most recently a 5-plex in Hot Wells, inspiring others to revitalize their community.
  • She has also been able to provide an opportunity for homeownership to parties that could not have afforded it otherwise
Come learn, invest, and connect with Betty as she shares how real estate investing allows her to "be a part of something bigger than herself." 

Thank you for investing your time to attend our October meetup!

A tremendous THANK YOU to Nick Disney for sharing his
Spooky Investing Stories!

The dumpster/roof/wrong address story was truly amazing.

Be sure to follow and learn with Nick's YouTube Channel

Profile of a BREW Investor:
Jacob and Keegan Gold
Iron and Gold LLC

^Note the legit 'literally just finished a rehab paint & all' picture from a week ago!^

Click here to for a walkthrough of their latest finished project!

What inspired you to become interested in real estate investing?

We've always enjoyed doing projects.  When our hobby projects turned into profits with our first home sale, we knew that it was something we could tackle on a larger scale. Although we love the idea of gaining passive income, our true inspiration came when a good friend was in an accident. She was an iron worker and is now living with quadriplegia. We realized quickly that few affordable homes were available for those with disabilities. It became our inspiration to renovate homes to leave them more accommodating than when we found them. Our last name is Gold and, because she is a proud former iron worker, Iron and Gold LLC was formed. 

Tell us about one of your favorite real estate transactions

The last home we worked on was a Section 8 triplex. The conditions the tenants were living in were atrocious. Mold, infestations, lack of heat, AC, and proper plumbing were all something the families had been dealing with. We were able to keep the budget low enough that when we sold it to the current owners, the home was safe, clean, and beautiful without the need to raise rent. It was still a one-percenter.  A few weeks after we sold, one of the tenants (a single mother of five) sent me a letter with pictures of her children playing in the home, expressing her gratitude. They had helped on many of the projects, too, and really took pride in it. It was incredible to see that our business could better the world at the same time it bettered our finances. 


Do you have any real estate mantras, rules, or words of wisdom you try to follow in your investing?

"We're better than that."  Opportunities have arisen where we have a chance to save money and take a shortcut. Or we can get more money out of a deal than we really feel is fair. We remind ourselves regularly that, as a company, we are better than that. We take pride in our work and anyone who works with us needs that same attitude.


Please share a favorite business or real estate-related resource.

"The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor" by Amanda Han and Matthew Macfarland. This book has so much more information than just understanding tax strategies. It changed how I was approaching deals.


What do you like to do during your "off" time?

Projects on our own house, ha!  Also,
we have two small children which we really enjoy, but they limit the time we have for those projects. We value investing so much because it frees up time allowing us to be better parents and members in our community.  

What else would you like your fellow meetup members to know about you?

We are still relatively new to investing and open to learning more. Our future plans include buy and holds when the numbers work, but we enjoy flips for now. If you have any properties that could be made more accommodating, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

What is the best way for someone to get in contact with you?

You can email either Keegan ( or Jacob at ( 
Future website
*Remember to stay for the 7:50 pm book raffle!
Book for this Month's Raffle:

Books read in October
Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold I'm trying to get inspired for 2022 goal setting and this book has been on my to-read list for a while. I'll be honest, I was underwhelmed. There were a few inspiring points I pulled out but I expected more and it simply fell flat. 2 out of 5 cheers!
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight I have no interest in shoes or Nike but kept hearing how great this book was. Super glad I finally picked it up, it was such a "fun" read! I thought this memoir reads like a really good novel and has you hooked from beginning to end. I definitely have a newfound respect for Nike. 5 out of 5 Cheers!
Interested in learning about opportunities to become a passive investor and invest in syndications?!
Be sure to connect with Todd!

We look forward to learning, investing, and connecting with YOU
Thursday, November 18, at the meetup!  

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The BREW meetup is a casual no-pitch group with the purpose of learning and networking with other local investors. We talk about all types of real estate investing as well as pursuing financial independence. Our typical meetup format is networking, listening & learning from a speaker, and ending with a related book raffle!

Ingredients to BREW:
-We  like to talk about all types of real estate investing, pursuing financial independence, meeting new people, and enjoy a great craft beer
-No-pitch group
-Family-friendly: Our 12 & 9-year-old will frequently be attending & look forward to making friends
-No cost to attend 
(but please plan to purchase a beverage and/or food!)

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