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Vol. 2, No. 8, August 2021

BREW Meetup
Thursday, August 26

Cibolo Creek Brewing Co
448 S Main St
Boerne, TX 78006

We meet outside in the back beer garden.
Mark your calendars!!!
Next month, the September BREW Meetup will NOT be the last Thursday,
it will be ONE WEEK EARLIER 

September BREW Meetup
Thursday, September 23 
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

*Change is for September Meetup only

Excited to announce FLW Capital will be our speaker for August!

Oak Creek Case Study: How we built a team and bought our first apartment complex

FLW Capital team has extensive experience identifying and acquiring distressed properties, overseeing renovations, buying and selling properties, as well as property management experience. During their 10+yrs in real estate they have closed over $75 million in real estate sales transactions, acquired multimillion dollar single family rental property portfolios, as well as being partnered in over 10 multi-family deals totaling over 2000+ units in 5 different metropolitan areas.
Thank you for investing your time to attend our July meetup!

Brave souls stuck out the thunderstorm and had fun connecting in focused 15-minute group sessions! 

A tremendous THANK YOU to our expert group facilitators:

~Adrian Salazar & Todd Nurnberger
Passive Investing & Multifamily

~Will & Veronica Pritchett
Rentals & BRRRR

~Rick Pozos
Wholesaling & Flipping

Profile of a BREW Investor:
Simon and Angela Castillo

What inspired you to become interested in real estate investing?

My parents had very modest backgrounds; my mom was from Mexico and my dad was a truck driver. They never had the opportunity to dream big, so for me, it provided an opportunity to build generational wealth.

Tell us about one of your favorite real estate transactions

There was a family that contacted me as a result of one of my marketing methods. The homeowner had lost his job and the family was behind on their mortgage payments. They wanted to move back to Louisiana to be with their family and needed to sell their house, but they had little equity in the home. I was able to find their pain points and provide a solution. I bought their property subject-to, caught up on their mortgage payments, and paid for their moving expenses. Thankfully, they were responsible homeowners, so the property was in excellent condition. I was able to rent out the property for several years and it cash-flowed and appreciated nicely. Eventually I was able to refinance the property into my own name and pay off the underlying loan.

Do you have any real estate mantras, rules, or words of wisdom you try to follow in your investing?

Real estate is about building relationships and being able to solve problems.

Please share a favorite business or real estate-related resource.

A couple podcasts I really like are Get Rich Education: Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing with Keith Weinhold and The Apartment Building Investing podcast with Michael Blank.  A couple books I like are The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller and Trump: The Art of the Deal. We also love the BREW meetup as well as the Real Estate Group of San Antonio meetup with Rick Pozos.

What do you like to do during your "off" time?

We like to spend time with our son Samuel, watching him play baseball while he's attending Southwestern University. Some of Simon's free-time passions include learning and mentorship, being a music aficionado, fitness, and watching live sports. Angela's free time passions include creating art, baking, and exploring the outdoors. We are also both big movie buffs, especially Marvel movies.

What else would you like your fellow meetup members to know about you?

Our goal this year was to figure out how to scale our real estate business. So far, we've done that by launching our own branded website and doing more marketing. The biggest shift we made this year, in order to scale, was moving into multi-family syndications. Our goal now is to sponsor a syndication deal for at least 100 units within the next year.

What is the best way for someone to get in contact with you?

Reach out to us if you are interested in investing passively in multi-family. 
Here is our contact info:
Phone Number: 210-952-9190

*Remember to stay for the 7:50 pm book raffle!
This Month's Book:

Books read in July
The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel Housel is great at observing how people behave with money and he shares these observations through short stories either by experience or through exploring history for examples. The book combines money lessons with real-life examples and Housel is a good storyteller. Each chapter in the book is designed to "stand on its own" which might be great if you want to read it one chapter at a time, but personally, I found it hard to find a flow as I wanted to read it straight through and emerse myself in the book. I certainly enjoyed the book and would recommend it, but admittingly, I found his podcast interviews far and away the most fascinating. 3 out of 5 cheers! 
Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert B. Cialdini, PH.D. If the title interests you, I think you will definitely enjoy this book! Influence is a deep dive into the six universal principles of influence (reciprocation, commitment & consistency, social proof, liking, authority, scarcity). For each principle, Dr. Cialdini cites several fascinating studies that have explored the specific principle of influence. The more I learn about the specific six influences, the more I see them in everyday life and find myself intrigued with how I might be influenced! 4 out of 5 Cheers!
We look forward to connecting
Thursday, August 26, at the meetup!  

Interested in learning more about passive investing, partnering on a future deal, or tired of owning your rental portfolio?! 
We would love the opportunity to learn, invest and connect with YOU! 

Schedule a Zoom or Phone Call With Us: CLICK HERE!
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The BREW meetup is a casual no-pitch group with the purpose of learning and networking with other local investors. We talk about all types of real estate investing as well as pursuing financial independence. Our typical meetup format is networking, listening & learning from a speaker, and ending with a related book raffle!

Ingredients to BREW:
-We  like to talk about all types of real estate investing, pursuing financial independence, meeting new people, and enjoy a great craft beer
-No-pitch group
-Family-friendly: Our 12 & 9-year-old will frequently be attending & look forward to making friends
-No cost to attend 
(but please plan to purchase a beverage and/or food!)

Mark your calendars!!!
Next month, the September BREW Meetup will NOT be the last Thursday,
it will be ONE WEEK EARLIER 

September BREW Meetup
Thursday, September 23 
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

*Change is for September Meetup only
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