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Vol. 2, No. 9, September 2021

BREW Meetup

ONE WEEK EARLY for September Only!

Thursday, September 23

Cibolo Creek Brewing Co
448 S Main St
Boerne, TX 78006

We meet outside in the back beer garden.

Excited to announce Alex Racey of First Principles Performance will be our speaker for September!

"I help high achievers perform better." 

Alex Racey
Alex coaches high achievers to peak performance in all aspects of their lives. He begins by focusing on 3 principle buckets: Eat, Sleep, Move.
"I love teaching my clients how they can maximize results
by understanding the basics of how their Eat can best support their Sleep and Move and on and on and on."

Fun Facts About Alex Racey:
  • Volunteered for the US Army in 1991
  • 25-year Army career in three of the premier infantry units -2/75th Ranger Battalion, I Corp Long Range Surveillance Company, and 82nd Airborne Division
  • Last 17 years were in the US army's Special Operations Command, deploying 12 times on combat rotations throughout the world including hostage rescue and direct-action raids
  • In America's most elite counter-terrorism force, he was promoted to the military’s highest enlisted rank and was chosen as his Unit’s first Director of Preservation of the Force and Family (POTFF). 
    • Alex was tasked with developing solutions designed to bolster resilience and maximize peak performance throughout the Unit. Focusing on all aspects of human performance; physical, mental, spiritual, and social
  • Retired from the military in 2016 and was hired as the Global Director of Executive Protection for a Fortune 500 company.
    • It was in this new executive environment that Alex realized the need for a performance-focused coaching program for all professionals, military and civilian alike – and founded First Principles Performance, LLC.
Alex has taken his love of leading, teaching and coaching, and his lessons learned as a husband, father of 5 children, and countless combat experiences, and crafted a unique client-focused 1-on-1 peak performance relationship. His experiences have shown him that the highest achievers always believe their lives can become even healthier, fuller and richer in every way, and his services are designed to achieve that growth.
Thank you for investing your time to attend our August meetup!

A tremendous THANK YOU to Dave Frazier and Mark Lemmons for walking us through how they built FLW Capital and their Oak Creek syndication project!

Profile of a BREW Investor:
Manaia "Mana" Alalamua

What inspired you to become interested in real estate investing?

When my family had the opportunity to purchase our very first family home in Hawaii, I thought it would be a good idea to learn about Real Estate and RE Investing. This was many years ago!

Tell us about one of your favorite real estate transactions

It was my first investment property, a SFR in Hawaii, and the house was in terrible condition. I was financing the deal through a local bank, and I knew that the property condition was going to be a big problem. So, I struck a deal with the seller, I would clean up the property and install new vinyl flooring throughout the home before the appraiser came by. While I was cleaning the bathroom, I noticed the subfloor was rotten and soft around the toilet and bathtub areas, so I placed a toilet scrubber right in the affected path. I wanted to dissuade the appraiser from going close to the toilet b/c of the rotten area - it worked like a charm and that's how I got my first investment property. Lol. 

Do you have any real estate mantras, rules, or words of wisdom you try to follow in your investing?

"There's always another deal" and "Invest for Cash Flow"

Please share a favorite business or real estate-related resource.

I enjoyed reading the Bigger Pocket books, especially the BRRRR and Out-of-State Investing by David Greene (I think those are the names of the books). I really enjoy coming to Boerne to attend Todd and Elizabeth's Meetup (I know you said a different one, but this is only one of the 2 meetups that I attend). 

What do you like to do during your "off" time?

Good question. I try to read more books if I can. Whenever I have a chance, I try to visit places around San Antonio and smaller towns with interesting events. Beach, Playing Music, Chilling with friends, etc, but I haven't made it out to the coast yet. Soon perhaps. 

What else would you like your fellow meetup members to know about you?

I'm pretty open to talking or helping out if I can. If you need anything, I would try to help or I can probably point you in the right direction.

What is the best way for someone to get in contact with you?

You can connect with me via email: I'm on Bigger Pockets as well. I host a meetup on the Northside of San Antonio called Almost Friends RE Meetup - San Antonio, and we can be found on FB and Youtube (podcasts)...just fyi, we have Todd on Episode #2. Come and check us out as well.

Other thoughts?!
I think we are seeing a softening of the residential market. Things are coming back to normal, so take it for what it is. Aloha!
*Remember to stay for the 7:50 pm book raffle!
Book for this Month's Raffle:

Books read in August
Bringing Up The Boss by Rachel Pacheco The teaser line on the front "Practical Lessons for New Managers" really does sum up this book! I haven't read many management books so the clear actionable steps are much appreciated. Easy to read with lots of real-life examples. 4 out of 5 cheers!
The Book on Managing Rental Properties by Heather and Brandon Turner OK so I read this book years ago, but I STILL refer to it! If you manage rental properties you MUST. HAVE. THIS. BOOK. This $18 dollar investment gave me the framework and confidence to self-manage. 10 out of 5 Cheers!
Interview with Todd Nurnberger! Almost Friends REI Group Ep. 2
Interested in learning about opportunities to become a passive investor and invest in syndications?!
Be sure to connect with Todd!

We look forward to learning, investing, and connecting with YOU
Thursday, September 23, at the meetup!  

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The BREW meetup is a casual no-pitch group with the purpose of learning and networking with other local investors. We talk about all types of real estate investing as well as pursuing financial independence. Our typical meetup format is networking, listening & learning from a speaker, and ending with a related book raffle!

Ingredients to BREW:
-We  like to talk about all types of real estate investing, pursuing financial independence, meeting new people, and enjoy a great craft beer
-No-pitch group
-Family-friendly: Our 12 & 9-year-old will frequently be attending & look forward to making friends
-No cost to attend 
(but please plan to purchase a beverage and/or food!)

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