We invite you to participate in this years Communities-Convergences: Connecting communities and people and creating bioregional gift-exchange networks.
This year we are supporting the organisation of two Communities-Convergences! This time they are self-organized by some of last years participants. It was so inspiring to them, that they want to bring it to their communities!
Communities-Convergences 2015Communities Convergences are one week events, where local groups form bioregional gift-economy support and collaboration networks for individuals, intentional communities and organizations.
These are opportunities for connection, exchange, learning, inspiration, networking and sharing. They are self-organized in sustainable communities. It is all based on gift-economy (participation and donations)

We have two Convergences this year on the Iberian Peninsula and there will be a Caravan from one Convergence to the next.

East Pyrenees Convergence
01- 06. September in Finestras (Es) 
Building a network of mutual support in the east pyrenees, and building up the Community of Finestras (members wanted!)

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Comparing-Communities Convergence
9-14. September in Tribodar (Pt)
Comparative study and sharing of experienced living and working models. Strengthening ties in the the south Portuguese network.
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If you can't or don't want to take part, but like the work we are doing, we are happy about your support in form of donations!

Also if you want to come, it really helps us to have some money in advance, so we can buy pots and food before you arrive :) 
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