ecobasa shares unconditional gifts for a whole #monthofgiving
Our Month of Giving
kicks off!
We do a different kind of crowdfunding - gift-economy style!
Every day we happily share gifts on  facebook and our blog for everyone, regardless if you support us with a donation or not.
We will even give away some binaural CD's from our friends to take you on a Daydream Soundjourney at home, so follow us to be among the first to ask for it :)

If you like our ideas, please share our articles and campaign, volunteer for ecobasa or participate in the campaign, it's very easy - you can find some inspirations in our articles below. 
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Christmas is approaching, so you will probably find some inspirations for a different kind of present. Maybe you want to give somebody a voucher for some time with you instead of things.
ecobasa's Month of Giving is already halfway through December - Time for a quick summary of all the good stuff that we gave to you. But first the latest news from our network

Latest news
ecobasa on air!
We had a feature in the famous nationwide german radio "Deutschlandfunk".
In an inspiring in-depth 10 Minutes Interview Arne explains about gift-economy, gift-communities and ecobasa's Month of Giving campaign – In german.
Listen now

Travelling Tips / Moneyless living

On the old version there was the "Alternative Ways of Living" wiki.
A user started this page and we updated it for you to help you reducing your needs for money when you are travelling on Community-Tours 
The page covers needs from transportation and accommodation to food and pocket money. Here it is

Inspirations how to participate in our Month of Giving
Gifts: Time instead of StuffThe german website offers alternative ideas for materialistic gifts. Instead of giving stuff, you can give somebody a nice time. This creates connections, happy feelings and less waste :) It is the most local and sustainable gift you can make! And spending quality time together is a really nice gift for both, the receiver and the giver.
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Karma Kitchen
Over 50.000 meals have been offered in this gift-economy spirit. After watching this inspiring video, you probably want to start a Karma Kitchen yourself! 
All you need is a committed group of 4-5 volunteers and a participating restaurant. And there is even a startup guide.
Let us know if you want to make one, we will help you!
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How to start a givebox
An inspiring little movie about the nice idea of giveboxes and manual to set one up! It is so easy, now you can do it in your neighborhood and start a little revolution! Read more

GiftsSociocracy Course with James Priest
Say goodbye to frustrating never ending meetings, discussions off the point, unaccountable group members and loosing the agenda.
Sociocracy gives many possible answers on how to organise and behave in groups to have effectivity, equality, collective intelligence and fun!
We use sociocracy to organize ecobasa decentrally and scalable. It aligns with our values of transparency, openness, and collaboration.
We filmed this online course for you to learn about this great set of tools!

Gift: Sacred Economics ebook
A wonderful book of Charles Eisenstein to download for free. Its of course about gift-economy but also much more that goes philosophically and personally deep!

Enjoy reading and happy giving!
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Gift: The red pill
This is a strong gift: Like Morpheus in the movie the matrix we offer you the red pill. If you swallow it you will wake up to your life and can not go back again.
We hope this serves as a good seed of inspiration to change your life to the better of all, to become a happier you. 
What greater gift could there be?
Watch on

Gift: Big Book of Tiny HomesToday we have for you a free big book about Tiny Homes, that you can build yourself or with the help from some volunteers on ecobasa for example. 
Enjoy the read!

Gift: Bioneers Radio
We have been gifting books and films, today we give you a radioshow around sustainability:
Bioneers Radio is combining social innovation, leading edge science and indigenous and traditional knowledge, creating a future environment of hope.
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Support usTake part in our campaign with anything you want to do or with what you are doing already! Just contact us and we can help you with the organisation and documentation.
Your support with money, volunteer-time or sharing our campaign is a sustainable investment, that will enable more gifts to flow free in the future through our network! If you like our work, please support us here

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