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StarFish Medical April News:
Interview with former Deputy Director FDA/CDRH Office of Compliance, 15 Entrepreneur Rules, 2015 Playbook recap, InnovoSciences, Kardium

Message from the President

Thanks to all who made it to the “Medical Device Commercialization Playbook” event in Vancouver last week.

We were delighted to be the title sponsor for such a star-studded lineup and hope to bring similar events to more cities in the next year or so.

There were a number of entrepreneurial highlights for me from Steve Arless’ swashbuckling decisions to Michael Baker’s creative repurposing of technologies, Paul Geyer’s rules for entrepreneurship (see article in this issue), Ram Rao’s ambitious ophthalmic device plays and Awni Ayoubi’s tips for operationalizing.

I also loved Larry Spears’ refreshing and useful insider’s perspective on the FDA and how to work with it. Vesna Janic speaks with Larry in our lead article.

Our post-event survey indicates I wasn't the only one who was impressed.  98% thought that overall it was Very Good or Excellent, and 92% would very or extremely likely recommend the event to friends and colleagues.  Stay tuned for more articles and interviews from speakers and attendees over the coming weeks.

As always, thanks for reading.

Scott Phillips, President

A view from the other side: Larry Spears, former Deputy Director FDA/CDRH Office of Compliance

By Vesna Janic

StarFish Medical recently worked with Larry Spears, Former Deputy Director FDA/CDRH Office of Compliance and FDA Investigations, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve and train our quality practices.

During our breaks, I spoke with Larry about life after the FDA, how firms can best prepare for regulatory submissions, and the new open nature of the FDA. I found his answers candid, thoughtful and useful, so I'm sharing them with StarFish readers.


Rules for Entrepreneurs from 2015 Medical Device Playbook

 By John Walmsley

I chaired a panel discussion on the success secrets of medical device executives  at the Medical Device Commercialization Playbook 2015.   Over 200 Vancouver BC medical device professionals attended the event.  

A highlight for many was  Paul Geyer’s (Uncensored) Rules for Entrepreneurs during the panel discussion.     His 15 rules were to the point, memorable, and I'm happy to pass them along. 




ComplianceOnline Medical Device Summit: 

Scott Phillips will speak September 17-18, in San Diego CA.  
Client Testimonial

InnovoSciences LLC

Playbook 2015 Vancouver

Scenes from the day

From the espresso bar

News that caught our eye

InnovoSciences LLC is a privately held company committed to solving challenging problems in healthcare through innovation. Our core focus is identifying areas of unmet clinical need where we feel we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients through the use of new technologies. We have several projects with StarFish.

“StarFish has the ability to be innovative, practical, and then execute on the design.

You guys deliver. You stick to your timelines, you stick to your budgets, and you get it done. If I had a word that summarized that, it would be the word I’d pick to describe StarFish.

StarFish Medical’s ability to execute is what I value the most. They were really committed to taking on any problem and challenge. Without any real predicate technology to guide them, they solved the problem, addressed the challenge and came up with an executable plan to effect a meaningful solution that resulted in actual functional technology. For us that is incredibly valuable.

We were looking for a firm that was capable of doing not only the engineering work, but also efficiently manufacturing the device. Not large scale manufacturing, but executing prototypes quickly, or in our case 1, 2 or 3-off bench technologies.”

Noah M. Minskoff, MD
Chief Science Officer and Chief Operations Officer
InnovoSciences LLC


Name tag any one?

Michael Baker and Brenda Edin (Due North)

Coffee Break

Scott and Geof Auchinleck (Claris Healthcare)

Doug Goertzen  (Kardium), Paul Drohan (LSBC) join speakers for group shot

Charles sets up our mini-diplay

Ram Rao (LensGen)

Vesna photobombs the panel



Kardium Inc. received the 17th Annual LifeSciences BC Award for Medical Technology Company of the Year on April 1, 2015. Located in Vancouver, B.C., Kardium Inc. is working on a revolutionary treatment for a heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation.

LifeSciences BC presented the award to Doug Goertzen, CEO of Kardium Inc., during the reception of the Medical Device Commercialization Playbook 2015.

Tired of resolution limitations on your 3D printed objects? Why not just use Terminator technology… 


Health Henna: temporary tattoos that also record biometrics 


A $34 HIV detector for your smartphone seems like a good investment!


Microfluids research can control water droplets with electric fields for total control


Ever wonder why aluminum/steel alloys don’t exist? There is a reason, and now there is a solution.