Updates from PetPet: Cave Pilot 55 Kickstarter, new art and more
Newsletter Spring 2015

Hello, I hope you are all enjoying  spring and sunshine ,
that also means it's time for another update of PetPet's art & illustration.
What's the latest news? Read on!


Cave Pilot 55 Kickstarter

In the last newsletter I already showed you some of the art I did for the tablet top game Cave Pilot 55, where you play as a bat pilot and fly through a gauntlet cave.
The kickstarter is now online! If you're fast, you can pledge and buy Cave Pilot 55 for €28 including worldwide shipping. The game has been playtested a LOT
and if you like board- and card games, I really recommend it.
Ofcourse, because it's a Kickstarter project, it will only happen when enough people pledge and back the campaign, so please if you're interested take a look!

It has been great to make art for this game, it gave me the chance to be creative with an original theme. I mean how cool is the combination of caves, bats
and steampunk-ish tech... pretty awesome!
More info and updates about Cave Pilot 55 and the creator Kwatta Games can be found on their website!

Facebook & old website

Since last August I changed my name to PetPet, but there was still a lot activity on my old facebook page. For those who missed it, I got a new page for PetPet and the old page will be deleted soon.

The same goes for my old website (, which is already offline, as is my old e-mail address, it doesn't work anymore. So if you want to contact me, please do it by mailing


New Art

Speaking of Facebook, I was tagged by the fab Laura B to do an art challenge!
Because of jobs I hadn't made some personal art in a while so this was fun to do! 


And back in december my husband held his PhD thesis defence, I worked on the cover of his thesis and also made a painting as a present for his supervisor.


Looking for the perfect pillow?
They have a 25% discount off of throw pillows at Redbubble with the code 'DECKOUT' ,
so if you want to give your home a new spring look, take a look at these:

(do mind the import tax you have to pay if you order for €22 or more)

Other news

✿ Remember Boom & Kraai, a picture book I illustrated? There's now a facebook page of it, where you can find the most recent info of where to find the book.

✿ Last year I attended as a dealer at several events, selling some articles I made. This was a try-out year but I decided to not continue with selling articles at events/conventions. It was fun, but I'd rather work more on my art itself instead of being a salesperson. I will however continue selling my designs online through Society6 and Redbubble.

✿ Since last february I work part time at a temporary position at the NHL (applied university in Leeuwarden), where I run the 2D art community at their Game Design minor. It's been fun and also an educational experience, because it gives me a different angle at (game) art, how it's been made and how to teach it to students. Of course I'm still available for art/illustration jobs besides working there!


You've reached the end of the newsletter, I hope you enjoyed it!
If you have any questions, want to share ideas or think about hiring me,
send me an e-mail or take a look at my website.

Thanks for reading and see you again!
~  Petra van Berkum - PetPet

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