July 11, 2016
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Difficult conversations are just that, difficult. For many reasons we need to have them and most times they will never feel good.  Being timely when the information needs to be delivered increases performance and lessens stress. Waiting to deliver “bad news” is just wrong…and the news never gets better.
Decide the outcome you want from the conversation; write up what is most important to you about the conversation and outcome; set up a time to review the history or details of why the difficult conversation/feedback even needs to take place. Make sure you have the facts.
Deep breathing and asking for help is always a good idea. Review the outcome in the meeting. If you are giving a written warning, have it prepared for the meeting.  If you are providing additional skill training, have the dates set up for the training. Be prepared.
Follow up.  Make sure the difficult information is heard and that you delivered all the information needed.
Be proud of yourself.  Experience in delivering difficult information helps, but it never makes the feeling of “oh no” go completely away.  Do it anyway.  It will relieve so much stress and it will then be done!!!

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”   Peter Drucker
Crucial Conversations:  Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High By Kerry Patterson, Joseph, Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler  

I highly recommend Crucial Conversations because we all have to have difficult conversations often whether it’s a performance review; giving feedback that is meant to help; following up on poor performance; training someone who is having trouble grasping the skills; attitudes that need adjusting (even works on teens).  This a book you will have on your desk or in the top drawer for your entire career.  You will even want to order it for your team and/or organization…it is that good. Click here  

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