Holiday Stress Tips

This season allow and support yourself to create the best holiday memories ever.  Three things that will help you reduce the stress of the holidays and allow you to enjoy yourself.  Water, good food and deep breaths.  
Water hydrates us and keeps the sugar cravings to a minimum.  98% of our brain is water, so keep it coming.  Bring some really good protein snacks (like nuts) and fruit into the house and take them with you wherever you go.  And most importantly, if it all feels like it is all too much, take a wonderfully deep breath (3 in a row is really good) and allow yourself to regroup.  Our bodies immediately react nicely to deep breaths.  Just breathe.

MessyStress Interview

Vicki Marquez is just terrific with her loving support of us reducing our stress and building wellness and health EASILY into our lives.  Enjoy the interview.  I did.  We had fun.  Listen to the interview here:
Listen to the Interview
An affirmation is like a mantra which you repeat many times a day.  It helps you feel good and stay nicely grounded.  One of my favorites

“All is well in my world, right here and right now!”

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