April 3, 2017
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An apology can work miracles in resetting a relationship whether personal or professional. When a follow up with someone is necessary because of a negative situation, the words and actions of your next steps are important. Here are several suggestions how to clear up and confidently recover in a needed repair with others.
Before the apology, review what happened to cause the rife.  Make a list of the issues so the review is not just your reaction to what went wrong.  Think about the issues so you can get a better picture of how to recover.
Make sure your recovery is timely.  Although the situation might be tough, do not wait weeks to begin the recovery of the relationship.
Decide whether you need a formal meeting or just a hallway chat to share the apology.  A neutral setting is always helpful.  Avoid being in the exact location where the original issue happened.
Sometimes all that is needed for an apology is a handwritten note telling someone you are “sorry”.
A gift is always nice as long as you know the person personally.  Professional relationships usually just need a good honest conversation to recover and repair.
When meeting in person, set the context when communicating so people will know what is coming:  “yesterday at the staff meeting….”; “the report that was due that I made late…”; “when I was out of line with my comments”… once you set the context you can more easily apologize.
Apologize because it will make you feel better and stop obsessing with the story in your head. You can be a dumb head and recover. “I am sorry” has solved so many problems. Just do it!

“I believe things should be let go once they are discussed. Apology accepted. End of story.”  -  Brad Goreski
Book coverThe Beginners Guide to Apologizing by Collin Parks 
Don’t let the cover of this book put you off the positive effects of apologizing. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to draft, finalize and execute and well crafted apology that will no doubt touch the heart of the person on the receiving end of the apology. Here’s an inescapable fact: An apology probably shows vulnerability, but that is considered a positive quality and doesn’t mean that you have accepted failure or such similar notion. It only means that your values and conscience is clear and you have the courage to accept and your mistake. Have no doubt that it takes immense courage and the right values for a person to come out and accept his mistake and apologize. And this is usually difficult because humans are ego – drive creatures by nature and to overcome the ego and take the step forward to own up to your mistake is a great thing to do. Click here.
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