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Primary to our feeling good is that we are hydrated, rested, practice good nutrition and our emotions serve us easily and immediately when we need them.

The easiest way to feel good right now is to acknowledge something that is working well in your life.

Gratitude can be powerful on all levels for what is working well for you:
  • The car started
  • Your lunch is tasty
  • You have some dollars in your pocket
  • The new person in the office is not a jerk
  • The little one is now potty trained (nice job, by the way)
A great statement is “I am thankful for _______________”.  Keep repeating until you feel the difference that your gratitude can produce.

We ALL have something to be grateful for.

Today's Affirmation

“I am grateful that I can shift my
thoughts just like that!”

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Completing Something – It Just Feels Good!

The project is done!  Sliding back in my chair, I whoop out loud and toss my pen on the desk.  I feel good.  In fact, I feel great.  I finally completed that blasted project that has been haunting me for 3 weeks.

Every feeling I just had in the completion of the project is a chemical reaction within my own brain and body.  Our body loves completing things cause it feels oh so good.
  • Sales calls.
  • Projects.
  • Cleaning the garage.
  • Deleting 1,000 emails.  
  • Follow up on outstanding details.
  • Finishing the last of performance reviews for the team.

In the old days…I can remember going into the office on a Saturday morning and finishing up loose ends and completing reports and projects.  Just a couple of hours.  Some great coffee and I still had the balance of the weekend to enjoy.  I left the office feeling on top of the world.  My brain was clear and the work was done.
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