Hello <<First Name>>,

I want you to be able to achieve and produce
the results you want right now, with little
effort and great confidence.  I have always
wanted this for you.  So I have put together
a short period of time for you to easily sign
up for a free 30 minute coaching session
with me.

Through the years of coaching highly
successful and highly frustrated people
– just like you -  what has become clear for
them is that you can’t create the life and
the results you want unless you know what
those things are… a life that is really top
notch, fun, healthy and filled with all
kinds of rewards.
Well, I want everyone in the world to get
coached.  I want everyone to have the
experience of a coaching session where they
are listened to and find out that what they
want and who they are is so terrific that
with just a small amount of help, you can
bust out of your current habits and get
stuff done.
***   You can feel confident
***   You can be competent
***   You get to produce results that matter
***   Faster than you ever thought possible.
So I am offering, for the very first time in
my career, cause I care and because I want
the entire world to know the value and feel
the power of coaching, free 30 minute
coaching sessions.
I talked to my  team and we decided that
since you need to have a bit of time to put
this free coaching session in your schedule,
that we would extend the dates to get
you coached.
The free 30 minute sessions are open until
September 10th.  

Go here to sign up for your session.
Once we get you connected with me, we are
going to examine what is working for you
and what is not working so well so you
can make the decision of how and when you
want to shift what you are doing to what
you SHOULD  be doing to create the results
you want.
I discussed the free 30 minute coaching
sessions with some of my clients and they
are so excited for those of you who have
wanted to be coached; get a taste of what
it can be like and figure out what is
important to you, right now.

I can’t wait to spend time with you.  
I get up every day knowing that my inspiration
and motivation is bringing to you the support
and confidence that your next steps are going
to be exactly what you need and want.  I have
a totally fabulous “job” which does not feel
like a job at all.
Sign up NOW!!  
The sessions will fill up fast and I do not
want you to miss your chance to coach for
free with me.
2013 has 4 months left in it.  Let’s make
those months the best of the year for you,
your life, your family, your business,
your community.
I am totally in your corner and whooping
it up for your success:
My love,
Natalie R.  Manor, CEO
Executive Business Coach and Life Coach
P.S.  Start doing things well, intentionally
and filled with confidence.


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