Making Changes Easily Now

Making changes in our lives can be much easier and faster if we allow for the fact that change is hard.  We can resist change in our heads and in our actions.  We also can easily create barriers to making successful changes by creating a “list” (really long list) of what needs to be changed now.  May I suggest that you take a deep breath and ask yourself if the item you are going to add to your to do list really important.  If yes, add it.  If no, don't’ add it.  We want to eliminate overwhelm so we can get the things done that we need and eliminate those items we habitually add to the to do list that never ever get done.
We are far enough into this year to know that the changes we thought about and wanted to change may have been too many to take one all at once.
My coach of many years ago said that the best way to feel really good about what you get done during your busy days is to decide on 3 (and only 3) priorities to get done in one day.  The do them in order of importance.  Don’t do anything else until they are done.  I can tell you this works well and has helped to support me in getting lots done and feeling really good about completing that which is most important.  Then forgive yourself for making a to do list that no one could complete.  Change is hard until it is not.
Deep breathing and a reasonable to do list!  Go for it.

MessyStress Interview

Vicki Marquez is accomplished at getting things done and doing it with little to no stress.  You will be inspired by this interview I had with her.

Vicki Marquez  is not only a terrific resource, but is out to shift the world of eating and health. is the one space for you to visit to begin your kids and yourself into a life of healthy eating and a super well life.  Vicki is a certified health coach, a plant-based chef and an author who moved from an overweight unhealthy lifestyle into an example of health, wealth, love and stress free advocacy and “living” her life well.  Her top tips in our interview, for making your stress-less and healthy life work, are easy and work immediately.  She has offered to take your “getting started questions” so you don’t have to start getting healthy alone.

Listen to the interview with Vicki here.
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Today's Affirmation

“I forgive me.  I forgive you.  I forgive everyone, right here, right now”

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