Success Basics and Stress

Periodically revisiting our basic skills and how we are really communicating can go a very long way to reducing our daily stressors.  Some examples of big time stress with my clients, managers, leaders, team mates, BOD and personal issues are:
  • Unclear and hurried communication
  • Little or no planning of time and resources
  • Relationship development reluctance
  • Listening intermittently, assuming you know what they are saying
  • Skimming while reading emails and texts
  • Email correspondence not organized for usability
  • Cashless purchasing turning into quick debt
  • Little or no attention paid to nutrition
  • Exercise is not even on the calendar, ever
Stress is not fiction any longer – it is serious and it is affecting you in negative ways.  Yes, life is fast and shows no signs of changing, so in order to create the successes we once enjoyed or would like to produce, it might be time to revisit some of the basics mentioned above.
Our bodies are 100 hundred trillion cells that need us to help manage the ease and flow of how we use our talents and strengths.
All of us have some bad habits.  Most of them are developed out of speed to get to something else we consider really important.  Then the speediness becomes a habit that does not help us be healthy or successful.
My coaching clients do not love the reminders, but they sure do love the results.  You deserve to be clear, healthy, wealthy, rested, happy and successful.
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Chellie’s new book is out and it is terrific.  Listen to our interview.  It is worth the listen.
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