July 25, 2016
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Clearing up and cleaning up messy communication* takes some finesse and thinking through the details of what you want as an outcome once the communication is fully cleared up.
Collect the details of the issue and examine why the communication was messy in the first place.
If it has been some time since the issue, make sure there is still a reason for approaching the situation now.
Decide what you want as an outcome from the clearing up and cleaning up…rapport with the people; understanding of next steps; improved performance?  Make sure you have that as part of your thinking before  you even approach the problem.
Schedule a meeting and have an agenda that you can share – it will help keep you on track and help the others know what your expectations are.
Ask the other(s) what would be an important and valuable outcome for them in cleaning up and clearing up this communication issue.
Follow up after the meeting and make sure that you are in alignment and that no other issues are outstanding.

“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.”   Steven R. Covey
“Crucial Conversations – Tools for talking when stakes are high” by Kerry Patterson, Josephy Grenny, Ron McMillan. Al Switzler

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*I have a list of questions to use when clearing up and cleaning up difficult communication.  Email me and I will send the list to you. CoachNatalie@NatalieManor.com
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