Spring Here In Only 3 Weeks

Good News:  We turn the clocks ahead this next weekend and then spring is only 3 weeks away.  That means more daylight and HOPE that this winter (to remember/to forget) is almost over.  A great stress reducing tip in getting ready for daylight and warmer weather is some wall push ups and deeper breathing getting ready for being outside more.  Deep breaths slowly into your lungs like you are trying to fill your entire chest.  Slowly let out your breath too like you are getting rid of all the winter blahs.
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"I easily let go of my winters blahs
and welcome spring”

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Success In 15 Words or Less
There are times when you just need to share something that has supported or inspired you and I want to do that with you today.

We all have really immediate projects that need completing. You know, the thing that you said you would do and then you don’t. Or you don’t want to because it is hard; or will take a long time; or you really don’t know how to do it.

So I completed a project like that this past Friday. It was a terrific feeling. Done. Complete. I was just sitting there relaxing into the doneness of it and skimming my FM feed. I had time to spend cause there was nothing driving me to distraction. Nothing I had not completed and had it hanging over my head.

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