August 29, 2016
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The “to do” list that is in your phone notes or on dozens of scraps of paper, is not helping  you get things done unless  you actually do items on the list and then remove them from the list.  A “to do” list is a reminder for accountability and an activity partner when used correctly – you get a feel good completion buzz from doing the “thing” and then crossing it off your list.   Here are some suggestions for a “to do” list that will serve you well.
If some activity or commitment is on your list to get done after writing on your list more than 5 times, either do it or take it off your list
The longer something is on your list, the more it creates clutter and guilt – neither of which you need or deserve 
Brilliant ideas probably need to go into a long planning cycle and deserve more than a couple of words on your list 
Yes you are allowed to put don’t forget to shower; pluck your eyebrows, pick up the kids; finish that financial report, on your list – keep it real and simple, but a list that supports you
Your “to do” list is a reminder of what you think is important or it would not be on the list
ONE “to do” list is enough.  You really need to consolidate your lists so you don’t need a list to remind of your other list

“To be or not to be”   Shakespeare
“Either you run the day, or the day runs you”  Jim Rohn
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