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Aloha Kakou!
As we role through November, we have so much to be thankful for. There are many exciting things our members and programs are up to! As you read below, I think you will see what an amazing impact our youth, staff, and partners have created collectively. Thank you for all of your support and have a wonderful start to winter the holidays ahead! Happy Thanksgiving!


John Leong
Kupu CEO

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Latest News & Highlights

Kupu Spotlight: Shelley Katz

Kupu's November Spotlight belongs to CommunityU and HYCC alumni Shelley Katz. Click "Read More" to read about Shelley's uplifting story of environmental inspiration, struggle, and taking risks as she sets out to transform an overgrown and forgotten 11-acre property into a fertile community garden.


Kupu's Make a Difference Day 2014

Kupu celebrated Make A Difference Day 2014 (October 25th 2014) by giving back to Kailua Elementary School. Over 50 volunteers showed up for the event - including Kupu staff, interns, and alumni, along with students and teachers from Kailua Elementary and surrounding community volunteers.

Fences were constructed around existing student gardens, a mulch bin was made, and four planter boxes were built that will soon be brimming with herbs and vegetables. Recycled pallet wood was used, along with mulch/fertilizer from the Honolulu Zoo. Mahalo to everyone who gave their time and talent to this project, as well as Hardware Hawaii for donating supplies.

RISE Sand Sifter Competition Selects Winner

Kupu's RISE Program partnered with Sustainable Coastlines for the first Annual Ultimate Sifter Competition on Saturday, November 15th 2014 at Kalama Beach. The microplastic sand sifter made by a team from Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks, Inc. was chosen out of 19 finalists, and they were awarded a cash prize of $2,500 and another $2,500 to replicate their design for community use!  We're excited to see their fleet of sifter cleaning up our beaches soon!


Kupu Interns Help Build a Wa'a

Kupu's CommunityU Program interns have embarked on a 2-month long project to build a traditional sailing canoe, in a new partnership with Kānehūnāmoku Voyaging Academy, UH Manoa's Ethnic Studies Department, and multiple school groups across Oahu.

RISE Alumni Receives National Award

RISE Alumni Doorae Shin is a recipient of Earth Island Institute's Brower Youth Award, which honors young men and women who work to advance ecological sustainability and social justice issues. Doorae spearheaded the effort that resulted in the University of Hawaii banning styrofoam products from campus.

During her RISE fellowship, Doorae worked on marine debris education and removal. She coordinated 3 beach clean-ups which resulted in over 1 metric ton of debris being removed from Oahu's beaches!


Kupu to Host Table at Upcoming Parks Event

Join Kupu on December 6th from 10am-4pm at the corner of Cooke Street and Ala Moana Boulevard for the "Kakaako Parks Peek". The event will give the public a sneak peek at many of the suggested active use activities that are being discussed in the parks master planning process, and will feature local food, produce, entertainment, games, community booths (like us) and more. Kupu will also be working on our canoe project on-site! Join HCDA as they plan for the future of Kakaako Makai and please continue to offer your park suggestions online at: http://kakaakomakaiparks.mindmixer.com/

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