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this is a lunar love letter reminding us to attend to ourselves, to one another, and to our home
on change 
december the 14th, 2020
new moon in sagittarius 
For Janus.
What has changed?
What has remained the same?
What refuses to budge?
In this annual flux of year ending, year beginning, it is routine to reflect on what has happened, and to invite new ways to exist and coexist in the form of resolutions.
At the end of 2020, we can reflect upon this year, now passing, and see that WOW so much has happened. So many things have changed.
So many well-trodden paths have been grown over by sweet creeping weeds as we have left them to seek out new routes.
So much we would have regularly nourished and watered have withered.
So many new (or are they old, forgotten, and just being remembered?) ways of seeing, of thinking, of feeling this World are urgently emerging, or waking up.
And so much still continues to change!
Day by day by minute by minute by second by second, all still tangled and uncertain—it makes your head spin to think of all these brand new things as we rush to the end of the year!
These brand new changes--how bright, how shiny, how unfamiliar, how terrifying.
How new.
So much has changed.
But so too has so much willfully, wickedly, woefully remained the same.
There are times when things may need to stay still, to hibernate.
There are times when you can try to change things that simply cannot be changed.
But there are also times when a sickly, complacent, rigid stagnancy is just trying to hide its weaknesses, its brokenness, its rottenness.
It is trying to pretend it cannot be composted.
It can be hard (VERY HARD) to tell, sometimes, what things can be changed and what things cannot be changed.
There is that saying that moves around sometimes, the saying that says: “Give us courage to change what must be altered, serenity to accept what cannot be helped, and the insight to know the one from the other.”
I like this saying, but I find it to be dangerous, because I believe it is worth far more in trying to change the things that cannot be changed than to accept what might have been changed as unchangeable.
I think more can be changed than we think.
I think certain ways that seem so rigid and so unmovable and so unchangeable can be changed and broken. It may require will, solidarity, community, imagination, strength--a whole new way of thinking, of being, of feeling in this World to show that these “infallible”, these “unchangeable” ways will also fall (how magnificent to picture it falling!), and that, in their ruin, we might dance.

When you look back on this year, can you discern from your World and the rest of the World, which pieces have changed accordingly?
 Which pieces are safely + snugly staying the same?
Which pieces, people, thinking, ways of being are being obstinately immobile despite the desperate urge to push and pull for them to topple, to shift, to rot, to adapt, and to change?

When you look to the new year, with what wild unharnessable imagination will you begin to imagine + enact all the great and terrible ways to push for the change that stubbornly refuses to budge?


One thing I like to do when I write is to create a separate page where I can take all the lines that didn’t make it into the final piece of writing, and I can save them in that page.
Sometimes the lines were nice, but redundant.
Sometimes they were interesting, but irrelevant.
I find all to be worth saving and looking back over. Here’s a collection of all the cutout sentences from this past year of newsletters, if you want to see it!


This will probably be my last newsletter for a while! I'm hoping to switch to a more seasonal sort of newsletter for 2021 to allow me more space to redirect some of my focus.
But I want to thank you all so much for subscribing to these little monthly ruminations!
This has been a very fun project and I love writing to you, and I love that you have been reading what I have been writing to you. If you subscribed after January, be sure to check out any newsletters you may have missed over here!
Happy eclipse, happy new moon, happy new year!
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