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this is a lunar love letter reminding us to attend to ourselves, to our home, and to one another
the problem of good faith in times of insurrection and struggle
june the 21st, 2020
new moon in cancer
For Algea.
 On such phrases as: “Well, everything happens for a reason.” “Have you considered their perspective?” “Things will work out the way they’re supposed to.” “Maybe there’s a compromise.” “It will all work out in the end.” “...Well, maybe it’s fate!” and why that’s all some serious gas-lighting bullshit for the now and for a lot of other times as well.
Do you remember a time when you were hurting, lost, confused, angry, frustrated, scared? And maybe you talked to friends or kin about your pain, and maybe you got a sort of response that went like any of the above quotations?
Do you remember how that made you feel?
This blanket promise of something worth it in the end, something beautiful and wonderful that explained all the pain and suffering, that made it all worth the while, given as a gift of comfort.
May I ask, did it comfort you?
Or did it serve to render you submissive while invalidating your justified pain?
Today, this centric, passive spiritualism runs rampant. A kind gesture, perhaps sometimes true! Maybe sometimes things do work out in the end! Maybe things will get better! Maybe there is something to the eternal promise of Spring after Winter.
And yet this perhaps promise of a maybe future does nothing to engender compassion or curiosity or solidarity for the present moment.
Once upon a time, there was given a promise of an eternal, blissful peace only to those who were the most obedient, the most subservient, the ones who asked the fewest questions. No matter how wretched, debauchered, and short their lives were, they thrived under the promise of the land of milk and honey, of love and peace. The land of heaven. The shorter your life, the sooner an eternal bliss! And so these people were easily bound and oppressed by this fantastical vision that eventually ensured the  general ruin of them and their descendants, the genocide of innumerable peoples, and cultures, and ways, and the enshrouding and entombing of the World and its generous bounty into toxic concrete and poison-burping metal cages. That these people were taught to believe more deeply in that lovely World beyond life than the corporal World has led us to inhabit this toxic, plastic, concrete, metal jungle in which masses are slaughtered for gain and  for capital, and for what?
It was the beautiful, glorious end result of so much pain and struggle that the people were taught to focus upon. It was the light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining to the storm cloud, the promise of peace after struggle that the people glorified.
Something worth the pain.
Let me tell you. Today we are feeling pain, but this is pain that should never have been felt. Today we are in the throes of an uprising that should not have to happen again. But here we are.
Whether or not there is some peace or bliss at the end of all this does not warrant the pain and the struggle and the torture and the slaughter. This should not be, should never have been the case. This is a fight we shouldn’t be having again. This is part of a larger war that should never have been waged in the first place.
There is no good reason for what is happening now.
Nothing warrants this pain.
“It will all work out in the end.” A phrase that was and still is a well-received, greedily sought message by many sufferers of: pain, fear, anger, despair.

But as kind as the intent may be, this message is an oppressor. This message is a damp towel upon the righteous fury of the masses. This message does little to aid and much more to distract.
This message is some bullshit.
It may all work out in the end. Our lovely World may yet grow and bloom and feed and nourish for generations to come. Our kin may yet hold one another in love and peace.

But so too may it not all work out in the end.
Our lovely World may end in flame and pain, in poison and hate. Our kin may end with their hands wrapped around each other’s throat.
Let me tell you: right now, what may be does not matter very much.
This is a moment of now, of the present. A moment of minute by minute, step by step. This is not a moment for the future.

This is a moment for RIGHT the fuck HERE. RIGHT the fuck NOW.

Do not let the promise of “the good to come” soothe your mind and dampen your fury. Do not let the silver lining distract you from this thunder cloud.
The future is never present. What is happening now is all that matters.
Happy New Moon, Happy Cancer Season, Happy Summer Solstice to You. And Happy Righteous Fury Anger Rage as well.
Let’s not fight for the future. Let’s not fight for the past. Let’s fight for the present, for the right now. Let’s fight for every single Today.

<3 clare
P.S. Do not forget that your rage comes out of your sadness comes out of your Love. Remember, it is for this Love that you fight. is a tea-leaf reading & charm casting service performed in a fluid blend of divination, story, intuition, and play.
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