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this is a lunar love letter reminding us to attend to ourselves, to one another, and to our home
taking breaks // doing one thing at a time
february the 23rd, 2020
new moon in pisces

For Pasithea, for Pasithee. For rest. For relaxation. For visions.
We live in a time of rapid movement, and of the precious instant. We live in a time of not enough time, of where did the time go, of time keeps on tripping.
We live in a time of no time.
Time today is precious to us. Time today is commodified. We just can’t get enough! And we fill each precious minute to the brim, and if we don’t, we are made to think that time is wasting.

There is an imbalance in favor of doing, and we are now so much less capable of leaving things undone. We begin to feel bad when our projects are a mountain beside us, inside us, on top of us, we are Atlas holding up the entire world! We are Sisyphus, eternally pushing that boring ol’ boulder, heavy as sin, up that hill.
Productivity and progress is the great anxiety-maker.
I advocate for intentional self-retreat and solitude, and an overdue return to the home inside your own head. Take a moment, and revisit this place! Clear out the corners of your mind-house of the dust bunnies and cobwebs. Shine a light on, do you remember now what you have been missing?
It is when we rest that we can remember how to hear our own thoughts.
An animal seeks solitude when it is wounded, but there are wounds that you cannot see. It is okay to be alone and it is okay to take rest when your heart is hurting.
We are here stalking the precipice between spring and winter. Imbolc has passed and we are feeling the stirrings of impatient movement in the womb of our earth mother.
But don’t be impatient! Take this time to invite more rest. Work to work less. More often offer the positive no. Unlearn and undo. Lean into stillness, and invite negation. It is when we are at rest with no distractions, closed-eyed, closed-eared, and open minded that we may see visions.
It is in a time of doing-deprivation, of not doing, that we can hear what the rest of our own self is thinking, is needing, is feeling, is asking for. But we must be QUIET. We must STOP ALL ELSE. And by attuning to this inner-us, we can feel more confident in our next steps, our steps forward, our hesitations at the crossroads.
There can be a rush of pleasure when you do many things at once. An efficient bought of multi-tasking can make your head whirl dizzy in a love affair with accomplishment.

But! Consider the productivity of unproductivity and cock block your clock!

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