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this is a lunar love letter reminding us to attend to ourselves, to our home, and to one another

on story
september the 17th, 2020
new moon in virgo
" clouds tower / in the / brilliant / pacific sky "
For Mnemosyne.
Once upon a time,
a long time ago...
I lived on the breath of the songs.
It is on their lips I danced.
I wrestled with their lithe
while all the children
I entranced.
Through poetry I lie,
I make lessons alive,
I admonish, I chastise.
I am a lie.
I am old.
I am timeless.
Listen well.

What is a story? 
Stories are lessons, they are blessings, they are cautionary tales. Told: mouth to mouth, stories are the ways by which we make sense of the world, through bewitching narratives which both inspire and ensnare.
From origin stories which warn of the dangerous inclinations of humankind, to the folk-horror stories that remind children to not wander off the beaten path, stories are many times a way to learn from the past and side step the previous grievances of our ancestors.
What kind of stories are there?
There are those local and communal stories, the ones we tell to ourselves and the ones we tell to each other. And then there are those other, bigger stories that are told to us. We may be told many different stories over the course of a single day.
What are stories for?
Sometimes stories are a way of telling what has happened with background and with context. Sometimes they are a way of hyperbolizing what has happened for dramatic effect. Sometimes they are a way of twisting the truth so hard and backwards that it breaks open, and only the lies pool out.
But this is what stories are not:

Stories are not facts.
Stories are different ways of telling truths: to teach a lesson, to promote an idea, to display or coax an agenda.

The rhetoric and language and beat by which a story is told warps that weave of worlds.

 Stories are powerful entities. They wrap around our mind and tell the world by way of a certain slant, color the world through a particular hue.

We tell the story of the world through words.
By speaking (or writing) these stories, we paint a unique picture that does not truly line up or match the world perfectly, but rather helps to represent the world in a new way that informs our way of relating to the world.

Stories can cloud our understanding of the world, or make aspects of the world vivid and clear.
This year, we are encountering so many stories that they are constantly tripping over one another in their efforts to breach our understanding of the world.
In this modern messy orgy of stories, we would do well to discern which ones we are to deeply listen to--which ones we should believe--from the ones that we should not trust but learn from all the same.
In this necessary tidying and compartmentalization of the stories we are ceaselessly given, I also encourage you to take up the tongue and become the storytellers of today.
What will be the stories of our time?

What are the great lessons we must learn from, today?

Which are the stories that we need now, most of all?
Do you remember,
How I begin?
Once upon a time
A long time…
<3 clare
P.S. For ten or so years, I’ve been haunted by the story of the Atlantis myth as retold by Plato in Critias. It took a while for me to realize that this story is actually an origin story of stories. If you want to read my retelling of the myth and my analysis of this story-origin-story, click here. is a tea-leaf reading & charm casting service performed in a fluid blend of divination, story, intuition, and play.
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