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this is a lunar love letter reminding us to attend to ourselves, to our home, and to one another

on home
october the 16th, 2020
new moon in libra
For Hestia. For Pan.
The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, the weather is growing cold.
In the warm summer months, after a period of lockdown and phases of adjustment, we had a brief, bright chance to cautiously proceed out of doors, to tentatively stretch our legs, to squint blinkingly in the sun, and to carefully go out of doors. But as the days grow dark and cold, we may find ourselves becoming reacquainted with our homes with new vigor.
Autumn is well upon us and with it, a new way of being homebound.
As we are made to re-familiarize ourselves with our dwellings, if we are lucky enough to have one, we are called upon to remember the nature of the home.
What is a home?
Walls, doors, windows--whether they are made of wood or rock, brick or clay, skin or tarp, concrete or snow--are all are made to keep ourselves in and the rest out.
Houses and dwellings are built in ways that separate us and protect us from the rest of the World. They are built for ease, and for comfort.
But this separation between the domestic and the rest of the World is not just those few inches of wall. It is a psychic separation, wherein it can be easy to believe that we have transcended nature and aren’t bound to natural processes.
If the going gets tough, if the weather gets rough, we can just go home.
Of the World, we think we are separate.
What else is a home?
More than probably anything else in the World, our homes reflect our own unique selves. A house's façade will most likely resemble other houses in one way or another, just as we (in one way or another) resemble each other. 
But inside, our dwelling places will often mirror our unique character--our thoughts and our preferences and our histories and our beliefs are tattooed across the insides of our dwelling places. 
Our dwellings are reflections of ourselves, similar, but wholly distinct from others.
From others, we think we are different.
In much the same way that it can be easy to believe that we are separated from the World within our homes, it can also be easy to believe that we are unique and separate from one another.
But this is an illusion.

The external always finds a way to push into the internal. In one way or another, we are influenced by the outside, and it oozes out of us like sweat, clings to us like our shadow.
We are not separate from the World, we are a part of the World. We are not separate from each other; we influence, inspire, and infect one another.
The cold, dark months are a time of deep retreat within, a time of soul-searching, of internal seeking.
As you attend to the self and the home (in spite of this steady stream of forced re-openings), I invite you to remember this psychic separation as illusion, and to ask yourself: Who is influencing you, and how? What is seeping in, despite closed doors? What behavior, what beliefs, what patterns do you play out, and who has taught you these trends? Who has told you what to believe?

As you attend to your mind-house and lock the door, as you shut the windows, and twitch the curtains close, against the cold and against the dark, I invite you to try to call up your own damn self, and try to listen to what your own damn self has to say.



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