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this is a lunar love letter reminding us to attend to ourselves, to one another, and to our home
charms // a reminder
january the 24th, 2020
new moon in aquarius

For Mnemosyne, for Mneme. For unforgetting. For remembrance. For memory.
Do you remember what it meant to tie a piece of thread to your finger?

 There was a time when people used to do this! They'd tie a little piece of string onto their finger in order to not forget. The string served as a reminder: of an act needing doing, of an appointment to make, a meeting to attend, a reminder of an intention, a project, a way to avoid a mistake.

This little reminder-string was actually a tiny piece of magic. It’s a spell! It serves the same purpose as a charm that is charged by a spell or a prayer.

At its most basic level, a charm is a physical item kept on your person that serves as a reminder of an intention.

Whatever you do, whatever your beliefs, your practices, as a growing human animal living among this world, you see the mistakes that have been made, the obstacles that needed crossing, and pain that has been felt, and you strive to correct and alter course for better ease of passage.

A charm can be a reminder to be kind, to be mindful, to heal. It can be for protection, for preservation, for strength, for growth.
A charm can remind us of the promises we’ve made--to ourselves, to our spaces, to our kin, and to all the others.
A charm can come in many forms: a lucky stone, a handkerchief, a rabbit's foot, a penny, a little bag of dried herbs, a ring--anything small enough to carry on your person that's charged with your intention. 

All you really need to do is take that piece, hold it in your hand, and make a wish.

There! The charm's wound up.

Carrying a charm in your pocket can serve as a token, a reminder of your wish, your hope, your spell, or your prayer. A spell is half the battle, so to speak. You can make a promise, but in order to not break it, you need to remember what that promise was. It’s said that when a charm becomes lost, it has fulfilled its purpose, and the cast spell has been filled up.

So take this as a reminder from me to you that carrying something around to remind you of your intentions is a great practice, an old habit, and it's true magic.

 Slip it into your pocket & don't forget.

clare is a tea-leaf reading & charm casting service performed in a fluid blend of divination, story, intuition, and play.
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