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May 2013

Parish Events & News


I would like to bless and thank Church of the Savior members for their support and prayers since I came to Trinity. In fact, COTS members have been part of my family since I came to America. I'd like to invite you all to my graduation ceremony, May 18th, 10AM at St. Stephen's Church in Sewickley. God willing, I will go back to Africa (Kenya) on May 28th. But I will keep in touch, for we are now partners in the Lord's mission!

COTS lunch ministry started 3 years ago when Pastor Dennett formed the first growth team, to research ways for bringing people in touch with the church and perhaps bringing them to know Christ. We started with “the first Sunday lunch” but moved to the last Sunday of the month when we were reminded that many of the people we would invite are low on income at month’s end.  But when we changed the name to “Last Sunday Lunch,” people told us they thought our publicity meant that this would be the last Sunday we would be serving lunch. So we began to pray about what to call our ministry so that people would understand that we are serving every month and the Lord gave us the name “Kyrie Café Lunch”. This has proven to be more successful and we are beginning to see an increase in attendance at the lunches.

We recently formed a volunteer kitchen crew in order to help us set up the kitchen early and be prepared to serve after the 10:00 am service. Our kitchen workers are Pat McBroom, Rose Roberts, Marilyn Hare and Dee Joy. I am so grateful for the help they have been in setting up, greeting and serving our guests. I would also like to thank our luncheon hosts over the past year:  Andrea Buettner, Daryl and Sandy Fenton, Fraser Fleming, Michael and Flora Galbraith, Mike and Allie Kennedy, Otis McAliley and the Fellowship Church team, Pat McBroom, Bill and Truth Topper, Laura Wicker, and Elbie Yaworsky, and of course also all the parishioners who so kindly help us by providing the food needed to keep our ministry going.  Special thanks as well to Tyler Smith who recently took on the job of posting our signs around Ambridge. It is a great encouragement to our team to have the whole parish involved. I would like to let you all know how grateful I am for all of you.

I would also like to add that we could use some more people on our kitchen crew as well as new people to host an event; so if you are interested in being a part of this ministry please call or email me  (724-869-2341;

Martha Ory

Church of the Savior needs your pictures! If you've taken pictures of various church/ministry related events over the past year, we'd love for you to email those to Amy in the administrative office. These are helpful for ongoing publications (such as this newsletter) and also for the web site and other online offerings the church plans to launch this year! Photos may be submitted to Amy Lumanog at Thanks a bunch!


Members of COTS are often in the church building for various ministries and other activities, and this is a good thing!  Here are some simple procedures to remember when using the building:

1)  When you come in, make sure to relock the outside lock by key.  While holding the door open, simply turn the key back in the opposite direction to which you turned it when unlocking the door.  This will relock the door.  You can then open the door to the public (if appropriate) by using the allen wrenches near either exit to secure the crash bar(s) on the inside.  

2)  Before leaving the building, please make sure all lights are out, including in all restrooms.  If you have turned up or down any thermostats, you can leave those as is; they are automatically set to go back to the original temperature at the next cycle, usually no longer than an hour or two after typical building use.

On the thermostats, please leave the “FAN” setting at “AUTO” and NEVER use the “HOLD” feature.  If the “FAN” setting is turned “ON” as opposed to “AUTO” the fan will run continuously; if the “HOLD” feature is enabled, the temperature will remain at whatever level you placed it.  In either case it could be days or even a week or more before the setting was changed back, resulting in unnecessary utility costs and possibly even damage to our HVAC equipment.

3)  When leaving the building after an event, please make sure all outside doors (both front and back) are locked and secured.   When checking the doors please make sure the crashbars are released and the locks are locked.  Also please bear in mind that the doors do not always automatically pull closed.  You will need to make sure they are shut tight, even when locked.  Pulling on both outside handles as you leave will help you know.

4)  If a group or ministry you are involved in would like to use the building on either a one-time or regular basis, make sure you clear the use first.  Please do not make any plans for a meeting in the building until you have heard back from the Parish Administrator.  That way we can avoid any difficulties from double-booking or conflicting uses. 

Thanks for your help keeping COTS’ building secure and in order for everyone to use and enjoy!


Local Events & News

Trinity School for Ministry Summer Offerings

For more information, please contact Dawn Bates at Trinity School for Ministry or call 724.266.3838

June Intensives: Week One (June 3-7)

The Church & Witness — The Rev. Dr. John Guest, Evangelist & Pastor. Preaching & Reception, Monday, June 3, 7pm, and preaching in chapel, Wednesday, June 5, 8:30am. These events are free and open to the public. John will also be guest lecturer in seminary classes, and speaking at the Alumni Reunion BBQ, June 4.

Healing Prayer — June 3-5 The Rev. Nigel Mumford, Director of Healing Ministries, Christ the King Spiritual Life Center. 3 days of teaching & prayer. Cost $150. Tuesday night Healing Prayer service free & open to the public, 7pm, Trinity Chapel. REGISTER HERE

Trinity Alumni Reunion — June 4-5  Cost $25. Alumni BBQ Tuesday, 4:30pm with John Guest; Wednesday, Chapel & Eucharist, teaching from Trinity faculty, John Rodgers & Les Fairfield & Alumni Dinner, 5pm. Contact for more information.

Robert E. Webber Center Opening Gala — Wednesday, June 5, 7pm. Inaugural Address, David Neff, Editorial Vice President Christianity  Today.

Week Two June 10-14


Anglican Worship Leaders Retreat: Holding Head & Heart Together
Trinity welcomes back Andy Piercy, a gifted worship leader, songwriter, and record producer for Delirious, Graham Kendrick, and Matt Redman. Join us for three days of fellowship, extended worship, teaching, prayer and encouragement that will refresh and revitalize your ministry. Highly recommended for all worship leaders and those responsible for worship in their local church. June 10-12, Monday, 4pm to Wednesday noon. Worship concert Tuesday night. Cost $150. REGISTER HERE

Following Jesus: Discipleship & Prayer in the Great Tradition
A week of excellent teaching, vibrant worship, and guided reflections—Repenting, Believing, Loving, Obeying. An interdisciplinary approach to the Christian life led by Trinity professors, gleaning wisdom from Old & New Testament Studies, Historical & Practical Theology. Wednesday is reserved for a spiritual retreat. Cost $150. REGISTER HERE


Lazarus Center

Freedom In Christ Retreat
Hosted by the Lazarus Center, led by Joe Vitunic, June 7-8 in Slippery Rock, PA. Brochures/registration forms are on the table in the back of the sanctuary.
For more information go to

Samaritan Counseling Center

Please join the Samaritan Counseling Center for a Wine and Hors D'oeuvres Open House Reception at our recently acquired suite at the Osborne Plaza,
1106 Ohio River Blvd., Sewickley, PA 15143.
May 20th 3-7 PM
*Tour our offices and visual displays
*Learn simple stress reduction techniques *
Assess your life balance 
*Chat with a life coach and other health and wellness experts *
Gain tried and true tips from strengthening your marriage and more!
For more information, go to or email


Rock the World Youth Mission Alliance


Rock the World Youth Mission Alliance
New Era, New Director for Ambridge Youth Ignite! Sarah w LAX stick & Painting

Rock the World is pleased to announce we've hired a new Director for Ambridge Youth Ignite: Sarah Schneider. She joined Rock the World's staff just in time to lead this summer's Ambridge Sports and Arts Camp.

Rock the World was blessed with a grant from an entirely new funding source, which was essential to the relaunch of a full-featured Ambridge Youth Ignite. Our #1 priority was to find a leader who understood ministry with urban kids and who was deeply focused on Jesus and advancing God's Kingdom among young people. The Lord led us to Sarah, who will be graduating from Trinity seminary this month.

Sarah says "Working with Ambridge Youth Ignite and Rock the World was an exciting opportunity for me from the beginning. it only became more exciting as I heard more about it. It combines my passion for ministry and outreach with creativity and community-building. This summer we get to present the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, teach the Bible using creative means, have a lot of fun, and grow in confidence, cooperation, and friendship. It's going to be fantastic!

"I've worked with kids in Ambridge and served as a youth pastor; both experiences were very rewarding. I think that we need to give our youth the very best and love them as the precious, chosen sons and daughters of God that they are."

You can see why we believe Sarah is a great match with this position. Following a planning session on April 26 that included AYI founder Shea Rankin Geisbert, Dana Priest, Ian MacLellan, Kim Keller Louis, and Sarah Kwolek, we have an exciting summer mapped out. Join us in praying for her, for all who join her in presenting Jesus in word and deed during this summer's Ambridge Sports and Arts Camp, and for the kids to learn from them how to love and follow Jesus. 

  In Other News:
  • Rock the World is offering Striking Fire, our basic youth ministry seminar on June 7-8 in Ambridge. Click here for specific information on our website. Come (or send) people who need to start or restart a parish youth ministry!  
  • Our new Bookkeeper is Emily Exler. She's a real Godsend -- truly competent in bookkeeping and proficient in dealing with web-related issues. Join us in praising the Lord for providing her!  
  • Pray for Josiah Project student Kami Kirk as she and her team from Cocoa, FL as they gear up for their "Kugusa Dunia" mission ("touch the world" in Swahili). This is the primary element of Kami's JP second summer plan.
  • Project Antioch: Uganda plans on sending college students under the leadership of Michael Guernsey (Josiah Project Team 14 graduate) for discipleship and outreach in partnership with the Anglican Province of Uganda. Pray that everything comes together for their June 3 launch!  
  • Please keep Josh and Meredith & Clayton and Teresa in your prayers as they continue their outreaches among Muslims.  


Events & News

COTS Missionary Update

Juan and Maria Marentes
Juan and Maria Marentes's picture

San Ignacio, Belize

Leadership and Church Development
About Us
Maria Isabel & Juan are from Bogotá, Colombia.  They left their home country over 24 years ago. They have served in Ecuador, Honduras, and Peru. They are now serving in San Ignacio Town, Belize, Central America, since 2009.  Their primary sending church is Church of the Redeemer-Anglican, in Jacksonville, FL. There are two other churches very close to them: St. Luke’s Episcopal in Hilton Head, SC., and Trinity Anglican in Thomasville, GA.  They have around 6 more generous churches in other states, and around 80 faithful supporters over the past 20 years.

Their Birthdays are  Maria Isabel - July 8, Juan Bernardo - July 1

If you are thinking of becoming a missionary, let the Lord guide you and your family. Rely on Him and fully trust Him. He will use you and all your talents.

Personal Musings
Maria Isabel says, “Since I started being a missionary my life has been centered in the Lord. My heart and my life have been devoted to give glory to God. I have seen blessing after blessing. I have felt the loving hand of my beloved Father in training me, correcting me, and –above all- loving me. I know that the Lord has touched me in spite of my mistakes and weaknesses. There is nothing like serving to the King of kings. I have not made a fortune in this world, but I have a mansion in heaven; the Lord is keeping it for me as I persist and walk towards the goal: to be with Him in holiness. I believe that the important thing is to take one step at a time.

In Spanish we say: ‘El mundo es como un pañuelo’ (the world is like a handkerchief). Our oldest son, Bernardo (25), married to Katie, got a job in a church in North Carolina, where he is in charge of videos and communications. One day his immediate boss asked him, ‘Are you related to Fr. Marentes? – Yes, why? His boss answered, ‘Because Fr. Marentes, his wife and three sons stayed for a week at my parent’s house in Fernandina Beach, FL, 15 years ago’. It certainly was so. What a small world!

We as missionaries have had the privilege of staying with many families in more than ten States. God has shown his love, provision and care through them. We also have had quite a number of guests in the places where we have been serving. That’s fun and a huge grace!

Our Ministry: 
Juan and Maria are serving in two churches in Belize and three primary Schools: a) St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in San Ignacio town, b) St. Hilda’s in Georgeville, Georgeville village, and  c) in three schools: St Andrew’s. St. Hildas and St. Barnabas,  where they are chaplains and do devotionals for teachers and children.  Juan is the priest-in-charge, involved in church development and member of the commission on Stewardship.  Currently, he is chairing the Commission on Ministry. Maria Isabel is committed with preparation of Sunday School teachers. Both of us are involved in home visitation, Alpha Course, and Cursillo Movement. Juan is tutoring two Hispanic priests, and Maria is doing discipleship.

They are serving middle class town people and poor people in the village. They are primarily English speaking.  In the town of San Ignacio most people are bilingual (English and Spanish). Services and ministry are conducted in English. They have a good number of elderly people in the town church and a lot of children in the village church.

Juan and Maria are addressing spiritual needs in the two congregations and the three schools. Evangelism and discipleship are their primary endeavors. They receive short-term missions that want to help the community in housing, vacation Bible Schools, spiritual retreats and renovation of their church, rectory and school facilities.

We are trying to respond in part to the spiritual and material needs of the homeless in town and to the poorest; this is mostly a local project with involvement of members of the congregation.

Our Calling: 
After three years of ministry in the Diocese of Ecuador, subsequent to a hard time at the end there, we were ready to go home in 1991. While we were confused about the next stage in our lives, out of the blue we got a phone call from Fr. Tom Prichard who invited us to be a part of a SAMS Church Planting Team in Honduras. For Maria Isabel it was a crucial time to discern her own call to serve the Lord. In the previous years she had felt that she simply had been following her husband who was a priest; now she heard her own call in a moment when she just wanted to go back home to Colombia. She read chapter 9 of Acts, and while arguing with the Lord and crying she surrendered her life to God and personally accepted His call to serve Him no matter what. On the other hand, it was both a humbling and uplifting experience for Juan at seeing how God was working in his wife and little three children. To Juan, after a long academic training, it meant a brand new personal encounter with Jesus, his love, forgiveness and grace.

After a year of spiritual renewal and training at Trinity School for Ministry the Marentes family was ready to go to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, which was the first SAMS mission field for them.

Prayer Requests: 
Join Juan and Maria in prayer for the faithful churches and individuals who have generously supported their ministry both in prayer and finances over the past two decades. Please pray for energy and health so they can keep serving the Lord in Central America, or wherever He wants them to go.  Please uplift this whole region so the Lord would find a good soil for the seed of His Kingdom. Especially pray for all ministers of the Gospel so they can be instruments in God’s hands to lead children and youth towards the knowledge, love and following of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Please have their three sons, now far from them, in your prayers so they would be sensitive to God’s call to serve him in whatever they do.

Please join us in thanking God for a recent miraculous healing of Juan who was diagnosed with the Guillain-Barre Syndrome at the end of February 2013.  By God's grace, after 5 weeks he is back on his feet and almost recovered from that illness.

Read the Marentes family blog here: recent blog entries

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May 15 -- Abby Buettner
May 17 -- Mary Waller
May 19 -- Kathy Taylor
May 26 -- Philip Bamwell
May 29 -- Flora Galbraith
May 30 -- Carla Hill
June 3 -- Joshua Kennedy
June 5 -- Jonathan Kwolek
June 6 -- Tommy Topper
June 8 -- Barry Guenther
June 10 -- Andrew Kosarik
June 12 -- Stewart Wicker
June 13 -- Bp. John Rodgers
June 14 -- Denise Yaworsky
June 16 -- Patty Tomazeski
June 20 -- Caroline Kennedy
June 24 -- Jane Geisbert
June 26 -- Naomi Buettner
June 27 -- Rose Roberts
June 27 -- Sarah Priest
June 27 -- Sylvia Ruth
July 2 -- Blanche Rodgers
July 5 -- Otis McAliley
July 6 -- Janet Felice
July 13 -- Sadie Rankin


May 21-- Pastor Andrew & Deanna Kosarik
May 23 -- Bill & Truth Topper
May 24 -- Mark & Sarah Kwolek
June 6 -- Robert & Sharon Steinmiller
June 18 -- George & Martha Ory
June 23 -- Revs. Dennett & Andrea Buettner
June 27 -- Bp. John & Blanche Rodgers
June 27 -- Jason & Kristin Smith
July 2 -- Renae Baker

May Memory Verse

On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” 
— John 7:37, 38


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