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dandyhorse issue #10 - a.k.a. our safety issue - has been very well received! A big thank you to everyone who supported dandyhorse by volunteering, advertising, contributing, coming out to the launch party at CineCycle, celebrating bikes and books at our dandy display at Toronto Reference Library, sharing the magazine with new bike lovers or simply riding your bike safely and in style.

dandyhorse #10 is still available for purchase online here or at any of our fine book store and cafe retailers. Customers at our local sponsor bike shops will also receive a complimentary copy of dandyhorse - just ask if you don't see dandy on display!

Our latest issue addressed the many safety concerns we have as cyclists, from distracted driving, to e-bike regulations, to dooring - all topics that have made the news since our launch.

The problem of dooring has been getting some attention since the Toronto Police Service stopped recording cyclist-door collisions on accident reports. While advocates urge Toronto Police to re-adopt the practice, a local developer has created a website that crowdsources a database of dooring incidents from cyclists themselves. If you have ever received the "door prize" you can fill out the online form to add the details of your incident to the database. The site went live earlier this month and the incident map is slowly being populated as users post their deets.

On the Monday after our launch party the Toronto Police began a month-long safety blitz on e-bikes.  Since their introduction to Toronto streets a few years ago, there has been confusion about the proper place for e-bikes on our roads. The TPS helped clarify by issuing tickets for e-bike bylaw infractions. Little known (or just often ignored) is a City of Toronto bylaw which prohibits e-bikes from riding in bike lanes or on bike trails. E-bikes caught in on-street bike lanes can expect a fine of $80 - the fine increases to $395 for e-bikes caught on park pathways and bike routes such as the Martin Goodman Trail.

Distracted driving continues to be a plague on society, as evidenced by study after study. Data from Transport Canada's National Collision Database shows a 17% rise in the number of 
distraction-caused fatal collisions. The Canadian Automobile Association says that cell phones are the most common type of distraction and that drivers using their phone are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision or near-crash, among other brutal stats. Stop texting and driving!

Local City councillor and TTC chair Karen Stintz was recently ticketed for allegedly rolling through a stop while cycling. Our latest issue has dandy contributor Todd Aalgaard making the case for the "Idaho stop" (named after the state which first officially allowed cyclists to treat the stop as yield).  Karen Stintz vows to fight her ticket.

We've just published our safety issue feature 'Safety Dance' on the dandyBLOG. In it, Sarah B. Hood asks: Riding in Toronto, Is it Safe? with illustrations by Dushan Milic (seen above and currently on our homepage). The feature's sidebar, "The Safer Sex", even inspired a letter to the editor which considers why bike ridership in Toronto may be gender-skewed. And we'll soon be posting more news and policy stories from the safety issue on the dandyBLOG too: keep an eye out for stories on speed limits, rolling stops, parking in the bike lanes (especially the new seperated bike lane on Sherbourne) and more!

Speaking of separated bike lanes - the new proposal for the Harbord bi-directional bike lane is causing some ruckus in the community. We did some Bike Spotting on Harbord to ask cyclists if they knew about the new Montreal-style bi-directional lane proposal and what they thought about separated bike lanes in general. We got a really interesting variety of answers. Check them out here and here (and below).

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Ride on! ~ the dandy team

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Bike Spotting on Harbord

We asked cyclists if they knew about the new proposed bi-directional separated Harbord bike lane and what they thought about the plan?

Stephanie Allen, above, thinks the proposed lane could be an improvement, as long as there is enough room for passing slower cyclists.

We got a great diversity of answers, check them all out here.

Chatter about the lane proposal is getting louder as The Star ran an article about Harbord Bakery's alleged opposition to the bi-directional plan.

Bike Spotting on Harbord - take 2

Reaction to the Harbord lane proposal continues to heat up, and cyclist advocacy organization Cycle Toronto has weighed in, starting a petition in support of the separated lanes on Harbord. A bike-ride and bakery love-in has also been planned in response to The Star's report about opposition from Harbord Bakery. 

In light of these developments, we went back out to Harbord to hear what cyclists on the street had to say. 

As expected, diverse opinion persists. In general there seems to be equal parts support, opposition and indecision regarding the separated lane. Take a look at what these spotted cyclists think about the plan.

The making of dandyhorse: Heels on Wheels, Mapping biking in Toronto and Them's the brakes

dandy chief photographer, Molly Crealock, seen above with dandy managing editor, Amelia Brown in action for issue #10, shooting Pam Palmater for our Heels on Wheels. Pam is an indigenous activist committed to grassroots advocacy for the empowerment of Indigenous Nations in Canada.

We also featured mapping research by The Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank at U of T and continued our dandyMECHANICS column with Them's the Brakes... up next; handlebars and then....the saddle!

Check it all out in issue # 10, available now!

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