Jack has a new contest!
Try your hand at making a youtube video! See all the details HERE!?

Water, Water, Everywhere...Not a Drop to Drink
Fresh water is crucial in a SHTF situation. It should be one of your top priorities. Here is one way you can help be prepared in the event of a water supply issue.

The Sling Bow!
It can be a handy tool for hunting. It might just be a great way yo have some fun. Either way, it warrants taking a look!

A Good Blend of Foods!
How about that? Jack has been telling us this forever...and if you need further proof that permaculture is a good idea:
The scientific community catches up!

Rain Collection Choices
We already mentioned one alternative water source in this issue of the newsletter. Here is an even simpler one...but there are still choices to be made. Which would work best for your system?.

Don't miss an opportunity!

If you make a living with your own business, perhaps you have haggled prices or made deals? Have you ever bartered services or goods. How do you do it? Is your business prepared to trade?.

Grow a garden. Grow your skills. Grow a community!

How would you be a part of a caring community able to provide for itself and be self-supporting? You could grow into it!.

You got some land and you need to get going on that homestead you always wanted. How do you do it right and do it cheap.

The Survival Podcast Forum Book Series I: Recipes for your Home and Health

Recipes for your Home and Health is the first in a planned series of books containing recipes submitted by members of the TSP Forum. Read more about it by clicking the button below.

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