M109A3 - My soon to be new and improved BOV

TSP Forum Member "cmxterra" wanted a new BOV...and found one helluva ride!

If you have to bug out...bug out in style. We have seen some pretty interesting BOV's here in the TSP forums but this M109A3 has got to be in the top twenty, or even top ten, of all BOV's our readers have shown us. What would YOU do with an opportunity like this?! Check out what cmxterra did. Its Awesome!

Your single most important prep/survival item?

Your single most important prep/survival item?
Most of us have at least one thing in our EDC (Every Day Carry) without which we wouldn't consider leaving the house. It totally depends on your situation and circumstance. For some, its a particular piece of gear, or perhaps some food preps, or additional clothing. What's YOUR favorite EDC item?

What did you do today to prep...

Check out what our friends and neighbors have done!
Every day that goes by is an opportunity to do help keep our preps in top shape. Every little thing we can do to prepare might save us some hassle down the road. A lot of things don't even have to cost any money. Need some ideas? This is the thread for you! This is a popular thread and I recommend you check back often. Oh! And let us know what YOU did to prep today!

The Camelbak thread

How do you get a Camel-bak?
Try coaxing it with some oats! Still reading? Ok. Camel-baks are like big, soft canteens you can strap on your back. They are used by outdoor enthusiasts, soldiers, hunters, hikers, bikers, geocachers, walk-a--thon folks, basically everyone who can drink and walk at the same time. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so...give us your take on a camel-bak!

Krav Maga

Your best weapon is the one between your ears.

We've all seen the advertisements about Krav Maga. "In case you're wondering...that guy is picking up his teeth off the ground right now." Israeli self-defense tactics taught using the body's momentum and inertia. Learn how to stop the threat. Learn how to crush an opponent. Got some expertise on the topic? Lets hear it!

Stupid questions about wind

More than just a bunch of hot air...

This thread is self explanatory. Its about wind. Not just wind turbines, but the general behavior and physics of wind. Good stuff to know whether you're picking a camp site, a build site, or trying to go green with a wind turbine and still stay in the black. As always, your feedback helps make us all stronger.

Emergency Babywearing

Yeah...I said it. Emergency Babywearing.

This is good stuff for parents but its may also be applicable for emergency egress situations when a larger child or even an adult may need to be carried in an emergency. Some of these recommendations would make a great rescue sling/harness in a pinch. Got a receommendation to add? Something you have tried and it worked for you? Post it!

Crossbreed Holsters

An entirely different kind of carry situation.

For those of us who refer to our handgun as "baby," here's a thread for you...tell us about your experience with yout Crossabreed holster or system, or pick up a few pointers on picking one out.

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