Lead, ammunition, and pregnant women...

Ammunition and potential exposure to lead: A consideration for pregnant women.

Obviously, very few of us handle enough ammunition to come anywhere close to risking any type of lead poisoning. At first glance, this may even appear to be a non-issue not worth your time. Read on and add your experiences. There may be other considerations beyond the handling and firing of ammunition for pregnant women.

Internet in the boonies

When Portable wi-fi doesn't cut it
You're out and about or you finally found your perfect BOL and are wondering about being able to check your e-mail, the weather radar and, of course, keeping up with the TSP podcast and forums. How do you keep up when you're away from the rest of "civilization?"

Where are the Great on-line ammo deals?

Bulk buys are great for practice and plinking!
Even the "common" calibers these days are headed the way of the rest of of the economy and can take a chunk out of our wallet if we're not careful. One consideration is online ammo. Your cost per round can go down even when you include shipping, if you shop around, and you might even consider splitting a large order with a friend!

Advice on a primary Backpacking blade

When you're packing light and need functionality in a knife.
Read your fellow forum participants' thoughts on backpacking knives and why they like what they use. Be sure to add your own suggestions and tell us why you prefer them!

What might be some preps we've overlooked?

Your best weapon is the one between your ears.

Keeping that in mind, what are some of the more unique or possibly forgotten preps with which we should familiarize ourselves? Take a look and see if you can add one or two to the list.

Man pulled out of snowed-in car after being stuck 'for months' Alive

We have all heard the stories...but could you survive?

Whether you're going to work, the store or just taking in the view, a road trip can turn into an extended excursion with little or no notice. Do you have everything in your car that you need to survive for a few days, a week, even a couple weeks? What about an even longer stay out in the middle of nowhere?!

Cover crops

Cover Crops

This poster is looking for the best material for biomass to feed the soil. Got some suggestions? Lets hear'em.

Anatomy of a Grasshopper: Profiles in the Unprepared

"I was not prepared for this."
We all know a neighbor, a friend, a family member...who is, simply, a grasshopper. How frustrating (or funny) can it be to interact with them? There is a reason the common grasshopper is considered a pest.

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