Mini Gens are there
when you need'em!

Light, portable and powerful, a mini gen can be handy when camping, bugging in, bugging out, or just experiencing a neighborhood short brown- or black-out. What do you think of very small generators?

Home Brewing: A Great Skill for TEOTWAWKI.
If you've ever had an interest in making your own beer or wine, then click to visit the Homebrewers Board of the forums. At the very least, it should prove to be an educational and rewarding hobby!

Pure, Clean Water
Clean water is one of the basic requirements of survival. Reliable water filtration should be a basic component of every survival kit, large or small. Buying a Berkey is usually a good way to go.

You got some land!
Now what do you do with it?
Get an idea of what one of your fellow forum members is doing with theirs.

Gotta stay sharp,
ya know?!

Chopping wood or cutting onions, skinning, carving, sewing, crafting or setting up camp, it probably involves a sharp blade of some kind. And for that, there is nothing like the skill of knowing how to sharpen a blade.

Is your homestead/BOL defensible?

Sometimes referred to as "tactical landscaping and home design," it doesn't really matter what you call it, your family's security starts with good design.

So many ways to reduce your energy costs and still stay comfy!
Everyone (reading this newsletter) uses electricity and it doesn't matter if it comes from a solar panel, a wind turbine or the pole on the corner, it helps to be a little more efficient.

Simply Delicious
This post originates back from episode seventy of the survival podcast when Jack challenged people to create recipes using five items or less. TSP Support Brigade members can go back and listen to episode seventy by logging into your Member Support Brigade account. Check out the challenge, get some interesting ideas, and perhaps suggest your own !

The Survival Podcast Forum Book Series I: Recipes for your Home and Health

Recipes for your Home and Health is the first in a planned series of books containing recipes submitted by members of the TSP Forum. Read more about it by clicking the button below.

TSP Forum Rules

The terms and policies of The Survival Podcast Forums, conveniently placed here for your reference.

The Survival Podcast

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