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What is this newsletter about?

Its about survival. Giving yourself an advantage in the world by gleaning and sharing knowledge with the TSP forum community. Its everything from gardening and hunting to energy sources and home security. The TSP forums are vast, with over 8,300 members. Its about getting your questions asked and answered.

What you will find in the newsletter...

Photos, Threads and Buttons

Each edition of the newsletter will have links to different forum threads that are currently active. The topics may vary widely but they will always be related to survival. Read the synopsis of a thread and click the button to go to that thread in the TSP forums. Once you're logged in, you can read the latest contributions and, if you choose, participate in the ongoing discussion. 

What you WON'T find in the newsletter...

Its all about the details, the basics, and the knowledge.

You won't find any political discussions or tin foil hattery in the newsletter. Survival should be not be a "doom-and-gloom" lifestyle. You may see political discussion and some tin foil speculation on the forums, but they are not part of the scope of the newsletter. We're not trying to predict how some SHTF will happen, just what to do when it does. This newsletter is about good survival practices and that involves staying up-beat and positive. That's just part of survival!

Did I mention we have survival reading recommendations?!

The Geographical Regions & "Meet'n'Greets"

Did you know there are regional sections of the forum so you can communicate with people in your geographical location?

Not only that, but many regions and major cities have one or more people who organize some type of meetup or event on a regular basis. Click the button below to find YOUR region and stop in to say "hello!"

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