Ladies Every Day Carry
What do you carry and how effective is it? Share, compare and prepare.?

Plants, Fish, the Whole ecosystem!
If you can grow it and eat it, you may be able to financially profit from it as well! Consider how you might take a backyard venture to the next level.

Mercury in Your Water
Are those local regulations really keeping your water safe? What do you do about it?

An Emergency Situation!
Industrial Accidents, farming accidents, hunting accidents...what is the best thing to do with a gaping wound? What are YOU prepared to do in this situation?

The Grinder: A Work of Fiction...Ongoing
For those of us who enjoy a bit of the "prep" genre and some light reading. (Don't be fooled by the future diary entry dates. It IS supposed to be fiction.) Have you seen "The Grinder"?.

Choose wisely and have it when you need it.

Spare parts and components? Tools? Fuel? Food and water? Self defense? Spare clothes? Blankets? Will it all fit and will it get you where you need to go?.

The Need for Home Defense

A shotgun is a standard in home defense, but knowledge of them must be standard, too! Is your spouse ready for this?.

Rain! Rain! Go Away!
Its the rainy season. Some of us have discovered leaks in our homes. Perhaps you can you repair it yourself!

The Survival Podcast Forum Book Series I: Recipes for your Home and Health

Recipes for your Home and Health is the first in a planned series of books containing recipes submitted by members of the TSP Forum. Read more about it by clicking the button below.

The Survival Podcast

Visit the Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko. The TSP Forums is just a part of The Survival Podcast and, if you received this newsletter as a result of it being forwarded by a friend and you have not yet heard the Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko, please give it a spin by clicking the button below. If you like the forums, you'll love the podcast!

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