Cedar's January 2012 Pantry Challenge

TSP Forum Member "Cedar" challenged herself...and the result is amazing and delicious!

What started as a challenge to stock her family's pantry turned into an educational endeavor for all of us...complete with storage ideas, photos and some really good recipes!

Cohutt's Garden

Follow a year's worth of gardening in Cohutt's garden.

There is fresh produce...and then there is garden-fresh produce. If you need a little inspiration or some ideas for what you can do to begin or add to your garden, take a tour of Cohutt's garden! Beware: Your next trip to the supermarket will be disappointing after checking out this garden!

Doc K's Medicine List

Having the tight meds for your first aid kit

Is your first aid kit really ready? Whether its your home kit, BOB, Car kit or EDC...first aid can be a very important aspect of survival in a pinch. Check out this relatively comprehensive list and see how YOU compare.

Coconut Oil?! (Ever heard a coconut squeak?)

Have you ever tried cooking with coconut oil?
Learn about the benefits and properties of coconut oil and how it can affect both your food and your health.

Freeze dry your own food?! Sure!

Where can you get one? What do they cost? How do they work? What else can you do with them?

C'mon...admit it. Hzving your own freeze drying machine would be awesome! Its a bit of an investment but there are all different sizes and you might even think of a way to make a little business on the side to help cover the cost of it. What would YOU try to freeze dry if you had one?

A sort of slippery topic

Like to make stuff from scratch? Here's some nice, clean fun...

Make your own soap! You can buy the materials or, better yet, you can make them yourself! How many of you know how to make your own batch of lye for soap making?

An awesome solar project

Now this is pretty impressive!

Fasteddie put together a 5.4 kw solar system on his property. I just don't know where he gets the energy!

All wrapped up with a bow

Here's a thread with someone getting into archery and picking the right bow.

Learn a bit about it or add your own expertise to this thread.

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