Selecting the right emergency blanket for shelter and warmth takes a little consideration
Having the right emergency blanket(s) means having to balance weight and portability with warmth and effectiveness. What is YOUR favorite type of emergency blanket and why?

Food Dehydrators: Which is Best for You?
Food dehydrators are not just for long term food storage. Hikers and campers can make their own high-energy, healthy snacks and making your own venison jerky is a an experience and a treat to behold again and again. Want to try an alternative or an addendum to pressure canning? Give dehydrating a try!

What features and functionality are important to you?
When someone asks you to compare an AR-15 to a Marlin .22, you may think of apples and oranges, but lets give it a spin and see what you think.

Mulch Ado about Nothing
I was inclined to say "Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it!" But composting is actually very clean, simple and effective. You can create a compost bin out of spare stuff from your garage if you want to give it a try. But, if you haven't ever composted before...How do you know when its done?

You have thought about it, and its time to choose...
Your first handgun is a tough decision. You want enough firepower to be effective against an assailant but you need something light and small for personal carry. Perhaps you're left-handed and need a gun with a safety switch that works for you. You know it all begins with proper training and trying different guns at the range, but sooner lr later, you need to find the gun that is right for you.

Its time to get away and relax...

But you have your homestead farm to worry about. Don't allow yourself to be hen-pecked about it but you don't want to things to get too eggciting while you're gone, so...What do the chickens do when you cross the road?

Heating and Cooling your Home with Nature
The planet has been moderating its temperature for billions of years. Tap into its process and save a bit on your energy bill. Learn about Geothermal Heat Pumps!

As Easy as Shootin' Fish in a Barrel
If you want to get started in aquaponics without spending a fortune, this is a great way to get into it. You can get your levels right and get the systems cycling to produce a plentiful bounty without being held over a barrel. Start learning a bit about it and develop your own aquaponics system.

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