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Get ready for HIDEOUT

I'm crazy busy, so this will be a super quick email. (On every previous occasion that has turned out to be a lie, but I'm optimistic about this time.)
Hideout is only three weeks away! If you've been missing Timothy "Hangman" Blake, no longer an FBI consultant but still a cannibal, then get ready—this is his craziest adventure yet. And he's had some pretty crazy adventures.*

If you're in Australia or New Zealand, you can preorder Hideout from your local bookseller (who would be grateful for your business right now) or online. Preordering is the best way to support the series, because preorder sales encourage booksellers to stock the book and encourage the publisher to print more copies. Hideout makes a great Xmas gift for that creepy relative who has a sick sense of humour. (Hi, Aunt Michelle!)

Plus, if you preorder it, I'll email you the Hangman activity book! Spot the difference between two crime scenes, join the dots to make a police sketch of Fred's face, learn to cook Texas spiced "chicken" and more. Just email your receipt to
If you're outside Australia or New Zealand, can I recommend the Hideout audiobook? The narrator is amazing, and you won't have to put up with all the Australian spellings.

In other news, Liars: No Survivors has just been named an honour book in the KOALA awards! Thanks to everyone who voted. If you need an Xmas gift for a reader aged 10+, the first two books of the series are available throughout Australasia and North America.
Buy Liars
Gosh, this email is already way too long. Can I just quickly plug my action-packed Danger series, which is also available pretty much everywhere and makes a great Xmas gift for a reluctant reader?
Buy Now
And hey, here's an exclusive cover art reveal for my new comedy novel, out in March:
Do you love it? I love it. The illustrator, Max Rambaldi, has made heaps of great pictures for the inside, too. More details about that soon.

Also, I just noticed that one of my old Youtube videos now has more than 100k views. I guess a lot of people want bookends but don't want to pay for them. Here's the video, in case you'd like to make your own bookends and you're one of the few people who hasn't seen it yet. (By my count, there are only 7,799,900,000 of you.)
I was so young.
Oh, shoot—I just remembered that I promised y'all a free short story. Here, I wrote this one in seven minutes during a creative writing workshop at Geelong Grammar. It's unedited.
Freya turned. The forest looked empty. No birds, no bugs, not even any breeze stirring the poplars.
But that stillness, that silence, was proof that something was following her. Usually, the undergrowth would be full of animal activity. Now it was as if the whole forest was holding its breath.
She kept walking, pretending that she hadn't noticed. As she moved, she dipped one hand beneath her cloak, as though reaching for her pouch of dried fruit. Instead, she gripped the leatherbound handle of her mother's blade.
It was warm, even through her glove. Her instincts were right. Something was following her.
Soon she came to a rise. A good position for a fight, if there was going to be one. Always be above your oppenent, if you can, mother had said. As Freya trampled the undergrowth up the hill, she slowly drew the sword.
Then she whipped around, spinning like a dancer, so fast that it was like a magic trick. She raised the sword, letting its natural glow illuminate the shrubbery behind her--
Revealing a dog.
'Huh?' she said.
The dog barked cheerfully and wagged its tail.
Once again, this was not a short email. Better luck next time, I guess.
Thanks, as always, for reading. If you like hearing from me, you can also follow @jackheathwriter on social media, at least until Timothy Blake does something so insane that I get cancelled.

Merry Christmas, everybody!
*Remember what he found in Sindy's basement? Remember how he got out of those handcuffs? Remember what he did to Jim Epps, and Kenneth Biggs, and his old roommate, and so on? Well, this is crazier than any of that.

By the way, I don't have an Aunt Michelle. So don't feel bad if you laughed at that joke.
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