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My 30th book comes out today!

Wow. You know I nearly quit after ten? I wasn't making enough money to live on, and I thought it might be sensible to find another career. Huge thanks to my wife, Venetia, and my agent, Clare, who both told me not to give up.

Since encouragement alone wasn't going to pay off my mortgage, I'm also very grateful to my readers. In fact, I have a treat for them:

Win a book pack!

To celebrate the release of LIARS: Lockdown, I'm giving away 30 book bundles to lucky readers in Australia. Each bundle will include a selection of five autographed Jack Heath books. To enter, just tell me what your favourite Jack Heath book is and why. Post your answer in the comments at one of the following links: Winners will be announced in my next newsletter (so make sure you're subscribed). Note that this competition isn't affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And again, it's only open to readers in Australia.

But I'm outside Australia!

Don't worry! I have stuff for you, too. Keep reading.

Get a free story about Timothy "Hangman" Blake!

To celebrate the North American release of JUST ONE BITE, I'm giving away a free short story about everyone's favourite cannibal detective. It's called SCRAP - I can see that you're salivating already.

To get the story, just use the following links to post on Facebook or Twitter about JUST ONE BITE, the new novel in the series.

But I don't use social media!

Good for you! It's awful. I hate it. Do you play Dungeons & Dragons?


Well, I recently made a D&D character sheet for Timothy Blake. So if you've ever wanted to play the world's greatest RPG as the world's greatest cannibal detective, you can download the PDF. (Note that this is not in any way endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, and that this sheet is only for personal use). I wish you many natural 20s.

No, I don't play Dungeons & Dragons.

Really? You should - it's the best.

No amount of perfectly-chosen GIFs will convince me to try your nerdy hobby.

Wow, you're a tough nut to crack. Fair enough. Have a free short story that I wrote in seven minutes during a school visit, using ingredients chosen by the children:

"Why should we trust you?" Idris demanded.

Catalina sighed. How many times had she heard that question? A hundred? A million?

She turned away and waddled over to the chair. It took a long time. Her shuffling footsteps echoed around the cavern. She could feel Idris staring at her. Alicia, too. Ben. All of them.

When she was almost there, she dropped her walking stick. It clattered on the floor next to her withered leg. She did this mainly to see who would pick it up.

No-one did. None of these people were on her side. Not yet.

She collapsed into the chair - a replica of Davros' throne from Doctor Who. She had rescued it from the furnace, pre-segregation, and kept it down here for the last decade. It wasn't comfortable, physically. But psychologically, yes.

She cleared her throat.

"Don't trust me," she rasped. The scar tissue inside her throat itched with every word. "Trust yourselves."

Idris opened his mouth to say something. Catalina cut him off.

"You know this is wrong. You feel it, like I do. And you know that this is our last chance to fight it. Because soon there will be a new generation of kids who have known only this. They won't feel it. They won't fight it. So it's us, or nobody." She fixed them all with a glare from her one remaining eye. "Can you live with that?"
See you next time. Happy reading and writing. Be kind to each other, and yourselves. I gotta go - so much editing to do!
Copyright © 2019 Jack Heath, All rights reserved.

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