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Thank you so much!

Stunt Kid Seriously Stacks It is a hit! It feels weird to say that, given that it only came out today and no-one has read it yet - but there have been so many orders from booksellers and pre-orders from readers that the publisher has already had to reprint it, twice, to keep up with demand.

Just goes to show that I have the best readers in the world. My publisher is pretty neat, too.

If you haven't pre-ordered the book...

Then I retract my thanks, but hopefully just temporarily. Why don't you keep reading, and see if I can convince you?
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About the book

Meet Levi, a mild-mannered kid who dreams of becoming a librarian in his home town of Mount Cabbage. Unfortunately, Levi's dad is an enthusiastic but talentless filmmaker with a casual attitude to safety - and he wants Levi to star in his ridiculous show, Kid Kablam. If Levi doesn't want to get kablammed, he'll need some help from his supervillain best friend, Maya, and perhaps retired stuntman Joe Dangerfield.

Stunt Kid Seriously Stacks It is in bookstores all over Australia/New Zealand, and available online all over the world. Grab your copy now!

Author Q&A (but not the same as last time!)

Q: Is Levi based on you?

A: Levi is more quiet and cautious than I ever was. He’s a bit like my own son. Come to think of it, I’m more like Levi’s crazy, reckless dad. Hmm – I’m realising things about myself during this Q&A that I’m not sure I like.

Most of the characters are purely invented, but some of the details are inspired by real events. For example, retired stuntman Joe Dangerfield talks about bungee jumping off a bridge and blacking out halfway down – film buffs will remember happening to stuntman Wayne Michaels during his famous dive in Goldeneye (1995). They might also recognise Dangerfield’s car from Bullitt (1968) and Deathproof (2007). Also, not to bring up Milla Jovovich again, but when she was asked why she had punched the producer in the eye during his cameo as a zombie, she said, “Fake punches look fake.” Levi’s dad says several variations on this, including, “Fake explosions look fake, kiddo.”

Read the rest of the Q&A at!

I've also been writing some reviews

I'm trying to review every book I read this year, because having to articulate what I like or didn't like about something makes me a better writer. But I don't want them to be merely informative - I want them to be fun to read, too. Here's a sample of my latest:

I think we can all agree that the best horror is shape-based.

17837762. sx318 Cube? Great movie. Sphere? An underrated masterpiece. The Ring? Terrifying. The Blob? Even more so. And the scariest villain in Silent Hill was Pyramid Head.

Enter Uzumaki, a 1998 collection of stories about a town haunted (possessed, perhaps?) by spirals. Not spiral-shaped creatures, mind you - just the shape itself, or the concept of it. The plot revolves around teen Kirie and her boyfriend, Shuichi, who have the misfortune to live in this doomed town. Shuichi's father is obsessed with spirals - shells, coiled worms, the swirling water in his bathtub. He spends hours staring at his collection of spiral-shaped objects and is angry when his wife cooks non-spiral dumplings. Kirie is drawn into his orbit when he says he'll pay "any amount!" for a spiral bowl from her father, a potter. His obsession eventually inspires him to mutilate his own body.

Shuichi's mother, the second victim, has an equal and opposite descent into madness. Terrified after witnessing what the spirals "did" to her husband, she refuses to be in the same room as one - in hospital, she won't let a nurse with curled hair treat her, and panics when she sees that the tube for her intravenous drip has been left in a coil. When she notices that her fingerprints are basically spirals, she, like her husband, does something that will leave even hardened horror fans wincing, bringing things full circle. After that, things pretty quickly spiral out of control...
Read the rest of this review on my Goodreads blog!

And I'm working on some other stuff, as usual.

  • The Missing Passenger (Liars 2) has just hit North America.
  • My new crime novel, Kill Your Brother, is coming soon
  • So is 10 Minutes of Danger
  • And Kid President Totally Rules
So I'll be in touch again soon.

Social media is a tumour...

... slowly growing and consuming us all - but I'm on it! Follow me @jackheathwriter.
Till next time, pals!
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