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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

If you're on the following list and you're in Australia, you've won a book bundle! Send a message (from your the profile below) to @jackheathwriter on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and I'll mail you a bundle of signed books:

1 @sherri_lee_5 on Instagram
2 @hausofluke on Instagram
3 @bethanyrognoni on Instagram
4 @lilymiller413 on Instagram
5 @flowergirl_amsy on Instagram
6 @miss_mel_smith on Twitter
7 @zoelouM74 on Twitter
8 @TeamChristoTan on Twitter
9 @KellieJByrnes on Twitter
10 @574789687 (Steph) on Facebook
11 @stephenwholmes on Facebook
12 @xkelly.nicole on Facebook
13 @nicola.franklin.73 on Facebook
14 @100008206393318 (Zoe) on Facebook
15 @icharnelle on Facebook
16 @cheryl.watson.56808 on Facebook
17 @jennifer.smith.7564 on Facebook
18 @julie.driscoll.10 on Facebook
19 @aun.w.choo on Facebook
20 @terry.raynes.50 on Facebook
21 on Facebook

I was going to give away 30 bundles, but I only got 21 entries, so I'll give away the other 9 bundles on some future occasion. Remember to send me your postal address (via your profile) to claim your prize!

More Blake, more often

Wow, people really love that cannibal detective. JUST ONE BITE is getting rave reviews all across North America, and I just got the go ahead from the publisher to write a third book in the series!

What should the title be? Hideout? Heathen? Eat Your Heart Out? Winner, Winner, Human Dinner?

I also hope to have some 300 Minutes of Danger news to announce soon. Stay subscribed!

Oh, and I almost forgot...

I can finally announce that I'll be a guest at Supanova Comic Con in Sydney next week (June 21-23). Can you believe David "Solid Snake" Hayter will be there? I'm squirming with excitement.

If you're in the neighborhood, come along! Tix here. Kids under 12 are free with a paying adult.

Other events

As usual, here's a short story I wrote in 7 minutes based on a pitch from some students:
Burying the Hatchet

"Niko!" Mishka gasped. "Is it really you?"
Roman had been worried that his disguise wouldn't fool anyone. Even wearing Niko's sealskin cap and boots, even carrying Niko's hatchet, even having grown a beard and dyed it black, he still felt recognisable as the youngest son of the Tsar.
But Mishka certainly seemed to be buying the act.
"I thought you were dead," he breathed. He wrapped Roman up in a fierce hug. "Where have you been?"
Roman kept his voice deep, his syllables clipped, mimicking his old comrade's speech patterns. "Long story," he said. "Old friend."
Mishka pulled back. "You're bleeding."
Roman touched his ear. His finger came back bloody. Three nights ago, he had completed his disguise by slashing off part of his earlobe. An old war-wound of Niko's that he couldn't otherwise fake. The scab had opened at just the wrong moment.
He ignored the pain. Mishka had thought Niko was dead. Was that because he killed him? Was he really pleased to see him, or just a good actor?
"Is there somewhere we can talk?" Roman asked.
As Mishka turned to scan the frozen horizon, Roman lifted his old friend's hatchet.
'Til next time, pals! Remember you can still get a free story about Timothy Blake at the following links:
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